What do you do in your spare time?

Ok, when your off the clock, which for most of us is hardly never, what do you enjoy doing? hobbies?
Personally I have a young family, so much of my time is spent with them. When I do my own thing, I really enjoy fishing, and this year have taken up flyfishing which so far I really enjoy. What do you guys do to keep busy when not in window cleaning/marketing mode?

Snowboard, Read, and Family time. I just had a daughter 6 months ago so thats where the majority of my time is spent. I live on a ski mountain so its not to hard to run out and get a couple of quick turns in as well.

I write music. All instrumental. I just started a new music project last week. It’s going to be a CD of music written in the style of Kitaro, Vangellis, Philip Glass, Enya and Tangerine Dream. (in other words, mostly new age/ambient)

I also like to write short works of fiction but lately haven’t been able to finish any stories. Too many distractions.

The rest of the time I like to spend with family playing games and watching movies. I also go to the gym around 3 times a week.

I think its very important for everyone to get away from work mentally. I ride my quad, snowboard, work out a lot and have a few drinks with close friends. I’m young so I have no kids or girlfriend to tie me down. Free is good.

Volleyball, and a a night out with the lady or close friends for a few drinks. I totally agree that you have to get away at some point.

Family, see live music (jam, funk, soul, jazz, non-derivative), read (historical, political, biographical, non-fiction), watch film (Coen Bros, Altman, Kaufman, Nolan), bicycle (pavement, dirt.)

Chris>> congrats on your baby girl, my little man is 8 months old, and a handful! plus I have a 5 yr old stepdaughter.

its nice to see what everyone is into, I agree, you go nuts if you do not take time away from work.

I play golf now and then, or even just swing a club in the back garden…
Go running, or cycling maybe twice a week.

As sad as it is though business takes up a lot of time.
If i am not working i will be thinking of my business…it’s like an obsession.

I would say 80% of my waking hours are spent thinking of the business, or just business in general.

I never see it as a problem though, its something i cannot help.

Given up ‘Squash’ since my knees went North & south - but I play tennis now & then before it gets hot. The problem is getting out of the squash style, hence not many partners as they tend to hide behind the net or leave with a black eye.

I enjoy my holidays - it used to be 4 times a year, with the recession, it may be a while…

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up…

With 4 young kids, who has time for hobbies… But I do have a woodworking shop in my basement that i enjoy on a rare occassion.

What I did was think marketing all day… worry about not screwing up my business… go out and get my drunk on (stressing over the first two)

Not anymore. I have been missing out on some awesome stuff. Of course I will be a marketing tyrannaursus rex, but that is nothing compared to holding hands with my wife or going on a hike with my son.

My hobbies will have meaning from now on.

Just started playing in a men’s slow pitch softball league. I can’t believe how out of shape I am, for slow pitch softball!!

Also music, 4 wheelin (Jeep and quad), and watching the REDSKINS are my hobbies.

[COLOR=“red”]Tonight - Skins VS. Giants in the NFL season opener!! [SIZE=“4”]Hail to the Redskins![/SIZE][/COLOR]

FOOTBALL TONIGHT! I am excited about that

BK (before kids), I typically played in 4 leagues concurrently.

What position?

Last time I played was like 12 years ago (one team) when I lived in the Myrtle Beach area. Ah, the good ole days (BK’s):slight_smile:

I’m old (34 and out of shape), and a lefty. So I play first base. Strained both my quads last game. Each Monday night there is a double header. Hopefully a couple more games and I’ll be in “game shape”.


Alright Cal! Go Orioles! Right?

before the baby, it was wake up at 430am be at the beach at 530am surf till 8 then head to work 4 days a week. Then 3 nights out of the week was boxing/muay thai training and Jiu Jitsu training. Now its the occasional surf in a blue moon and maybe sneak in a little fishing time at the harbour or at the lake by my house.

Work, Work, Work that’s all I do and between Kelley and I we have 6 kids oldest 19 and youngest 2 but If I had any spare time I would love to get back to the shooting range.

SS - yes.
Orioles - yes (since age 5.)
Cal - kinda.
Frank Robinson - yes!