What do you do in your spare time?

Is that anything like the Mai Tai training I used to undertake in my younger days?

I go to the bars and get drunk like most window cleaners do in my area.

And yes i do wear my window cleaning resource t-shirt to the bar…

he he mix that in with some 40 ounce curls huh lar.

I hope they have designated drivers.

I try to surf at least 3 times a week, and since being married it has toned down a lot from every day for 2-3 hours. I was in a band and did some small touring but now it’s jamming with buddies and playing at the occasional lounge doing some Jack Johnson covers and so on.
I always love spending time with my wife. I love just being in the water. I enjoy scuba diving and catching lobsters, which is what I’m doing for thanksgiving:D

Thats pretty cool!!

ya matt!!, I dive for lobsters too. Ive got some gem secret spots out here in So. Cal. Do you free dive?

yeah occasionally when it’s within a certain depth. Some parts of the Keys only go to 20ft+ so free diving is best…but when you go out a way it gets about 40ft-60ft and a tank really helps :slight_smile: catch more dinner!!!

I’m thinking of trying some spear fishing when I go down in thanksgiving. Do you spear fish? When is lobster season open in Cali?

ya i spear fish and use a sling. I have a Riffe standard series Baja model and a sling i bought in hawaii. I wish i would have got a mid handle, the one spear i have is more for hip loading. I use my buddies a lot though he has a Riffe spear gun the No Ka oi model. I like that one.

Lobster season is from the end of Sept. to March. Good luck this year and be safe, Especially if your free diving


I’ll send you my address so you can pack up a few of those lobsters you catch in dry ice and send em to me.:smiley:

Sounds fun! A friend of mine is into spear fishing. He just went to Belize recently. He showed me all his pics, of him in his speedo and all.:eek: He says it make him faster.

ever run into Whites? I know in the fall and winter female great whites migrate to So Cal to feed and give birth, thank you discovery channel, so have ya seen one?

I have had three shark encounters in my life.

  1. surfing up in Central Cal/ Nor Cal area. a place called Jalama and group of seals were playing around me while I was out at dusk catching a few waves before dark. All my friends paddled in and i was the last one out waiting for one more set so i could go in. Suddenly the big group of seals that were playing around me got spooked at all bolted at once. Next thing i saw was from about 20 yards away was the biggest boil/swirl in the water, like a small sub came just under the surface and did a hard turn. So much water moved and you could see it cause the water was plate glass that evening. I was outa there so fast. you dont even know. It must have been a BIG shark with how much water was pushed.

  2. up in San Onofre surfing trails, didnt know that a dead whale washed up on the beach and that they buried it in the sand where the the high tide could actually roll over it. Well didnt know that at high tide the oils in the dead whale were leeching back into the ocean attracting BIG sharks / great whites. I didnt read any of the signs posted because ive surfed there many times. My friend commented why “trails” was so empty that day. While we were out he paddled up to me not knowing the info about the shark and said " dude i dont know if im tripping or not but i think i saw something really big swim underneath me". It spooked us enough to get out, then we saw all of the signs and nearly had a heart attack.

  3. Surfing Tunnels in Kauai. The biggest hammerhead swam underneath me while paddling on the edge of the reef out there. That was the spot Bethany Hamilton got her arm bit off.

in Cali if you get bit it’s your life. In Fl if you get bit it’s a couple stitches and a cool story. Man that’s intense!!! As I was reading I could just imagine, AHHH!
Glad you’re not a one armed window cleaner :slight_smile:

matt, do you see many sharks down your way? they are thick up this way lately. I surf at the new smyrna beach inlet and I have seen then the last 3 times I’ve been out. The small finger mullet have been sooo thick lately I think thats what is bringin them in. last week I just started paddling out and I heard my wife yelling like crazy so I looked back and my 6 year old son had been surfing the little shore pound and I see her snatch him out of knee deep water and there were 2 sharks not even 5 feet away from him. Then she starts yelling to me SHARK SHARK and I acted like I didnt understand her and waved at her and kept on paddling. Those 2 sharks hung out in that same spot for a good hour at least.

I’d need clean shorts.

The only way a shark will ever bite me is if he opens the door to my truck, steps in, is bullet proof and can take 6- .357 shoots to the head…and i am drunk and can’t move.

Then…I will still bite him back, get in the water, find his family and kill them.


I surf Playalinda, which is the same beach as new smyrna just in brevard…they connect and are the same break…Playalinda just blocks Northward wind and has a Sebastian like break. I surfed last Thurs and I saw a lot of bait fishing going crazy around me so I got out of the water.
walked back to my buddy and we look at the water to see at least a 6ft shark trolling where we were, probably a Bullshark or Blacktip. AHHH!!!

I 9 times out if 10 see a shark when I surf. My rule is; if it’s bigger then me get out of the water, if it’s smaller then me just lift my legs and keep surfing unless it’s a tiger shark (which was 3 weeks ago) because they stalk humans and are crazy.

Yeah Smyrna is sharky, but the inlet attracts a lot of fish thus bringing the big fishes that love to kiss ya.
We should surf some time.

I haven’t been to sebastian for about 10 years, I used to love that place. A couple of weeks ago Tom Curren and the rest of the rip curl team were doing an east coast tour and they came to our little beachside tavern in smyrna. Curren got on stage and jammed on the guitar for a while. I have some good pics of me and him if I could figure out how to get them from my phone.

call them

i like drag racing
hers my newest project