What do you do when you have an Unethical customer?

Yesterday my employee showed up to a job site of a customer who’s daughters house we had just cleaned.

This lady (I won’t name her ethnicity, but she wasn’t white) was the first person that asked my employee to come back the next day with a squeegee and mop not under my business “so that you can keep more money.” from what my employee said she was like “I’m just trying to help you out.”

When my employee was telling me about the job, he was like, “it was just weird… It was a weird job! They asked if I had lunch I told them, no I snack on what I bring. Her husband drove to a Subway just to get me a sandwich, that I didn’t want.”

I personally have never come across such unethically nice people before. I’m not sure what to do if something like this ever comes up again, do any of you guys have experience with a situation like this?

be involved or on the job?

Hopefully your person responded “actually I love working here with this team, boss man takes care of us and that would not be ethical of me, but hey I appreciate the offer”


She ain’t being nice. She’s trying to get a a side job.

Punch her.


Hard to say if she’s trying to genuinely “help” your employee… or she’s trying to pay less to benefit herself. Either way you won because your employee told you about it; obviously he/she respects you and enjoys working for you. I’d give that employee a small bonus to show you appreciate him/her sharing what happened.

As far as the customer I have no idea what to say to her.


Sounds like he left out the part where he mightve casually said to her that he didnt make much. And she took pity. Easy for him to explain that weird situation to ya than asking for a raise? Is he paid well?

I know she wasn’t trying to be “nice” in the sense of helping him out. It was to get the job cheaper.

Yep when he told me I gave him a $15 bonus…

@SwissMike Yah I don’t think that’s the case. He’s on commission and is paid very handsomely and knows it too. He just told me the other day that he makes more on some jobs then his dad does painting for a painting company.

@DaveYogi I wasn’t on the job. He did not respond like you described but told me about the situation.


thats unusual,the buying the food trick. seems it didnt work !

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What happened to the sandwich?


Ya know what, what can you do . IMHO , at least you now know you have, an ethical employee. If it were me … ya I would look at them differently , but in the long run who cares you clean they pay good bye , see ya next time.

Seriously man why is it that we all think customers are these angel like people. Give me a freaking break already with this. Oh my god the customer tries to talk me down on price. Oh my do you believe it. How dare them. Oh the the customer told me my prices were crazy Lol … ok and? My potential customer cursed while I was presenting my services. :scream:

I’m not getting on you personally I’m just saying. So the customer tried to offer your guy the job on the side. I would be more worried if my guy tried to get the job on the side. Which happens more than anyone could ever imagine.


Years ago (28) I was looking for an apartment with my girlfriend. We called a real estate broker , in our area real estate brokers want what ever the monthly rent is in commission.
So they brought us to an apartment that I liked. Long story short I went back to the home owner , An asked him if he would just rent it to me. Lol … ya I’m no angel :innocent:.
The guy basically told me to hit the road.
Hey I tried . The real estate guy had the balls to call me back. Wasn’t a good move I mean what can he do I basically told him that’s the way it goes.
Maybe not In those words.

I’m so unethical . In retrospect I don’t know what I was thinking who wants to rent to a guy that would pull a shame like that :rofl::tired_face:

I was a young punk I grew up a lot since hen

Kick him in the crotch and run!!

The one time I ever had a customer go buy me lunch it was Subway. I think this is a Subway advanced marketing tactic.


Yah I don’t have any problem with a customer wanting a good deal. I don’t have a problem with people tell me “beat it” after seeing my prices either. I enjoy people that like to negotiate, it’s part of business! cursing at a price? Some people are just prone to do that sort of thing. Yah nothing with what you said there I disagree with or have a problem with.

@Scotty My employee didn’t tell me.

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they love to bargain . i like to wrongfoot them when that starts,so its game on and i up my price -and wont go back down to the original price. its then like a game gone wrong and i act confused start tapping my foot on the ground with a daft look on my face. but still wont go back to the original price


Well said.

Hospitality? Very nice!