What do you do with all the extra hose?

started using my 30’ WFP but am usualy using it folded down to its shortest adjustment. of course all that hose is hanging out. for now i wind it up and put it on my back pack. what do you guys do with it? any good ideas i can adopt? nothing like tangling it up in shrubbery to make the job just that much harder.


You have to teach the old dog a new trick !! When i have a lot of hose out, 250 ft I get a hose handler !! The kid next door works pretty cheap !! Ice cream and a few bucks. Works for me !! Stan, Pro Window Kleening and Proud SORBO user

Try one of these to hold the loops of hose when you have the pole shortened. McGuire-Nicholas 93333 Monster Hook Heavy Duty Universal Power Tool Holder - 93333 at Toolsforless.com

Robinson-Solutions Professional Window Cleaning: Tangled Hoses

You could also cut your hose into more manageable sections & use quick connects.

Yeah. Welcome to the world of WFP.
I agree about shortening your hose. My SLX has a shorter hose than the others and when I am using the backpack it works alot better for me not having to drag all that hose everywhere. You might want to have one pole with the shorter hose, and your others have 100’ or so. The ones you don’t use with your back pack.

You will have the same issues with your pure water line running to your pole hose. Just start your job out with figuring out the best way to run you lines. I usually start out as far as I can and work my way back and around to as far as it will go on the other side of the trailer, but on the side where I can reel it up without the hose getting caught up under my tires.

I try to run the hose on the street side just below the curb so that no cars passing by will run over my hose and people won’t trip on it.

thanks for the replies.
I like the idea of just taking the extra out with quick connects. I couldnt find any local stores that cary ones that small, im sure they exist. just gota find em. also liked the monster hook. i could put that on the back pack, up high so the bushes dont snag the lines.

thanks guys.

You won’t find quick connects at home depot. You gotta get em here. Just go to the store or give Chris or Alex a call, they will walk you thru what you need.

We use quick connects all the time.
The SimPole comes with a 3 foot pole and a 6 foot hose which
is designed for bottom windows.

We now have the SimPole 30’ on sale for $875.00 only 4 pound with the brush!
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You can make into a 60’ at any time and each section drops off
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We had an issue but found the right type of glue so clamps will not come off.
Run you car over the carbon fiber it will not hurt it!
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forchristsakes; someone please buy a simpole.

I use a some of that springy air line that goes from the brush to the tap on my belt. It is heavy but beats tripping over that hose. The main feed line goes from a quick connector on the tap via a hook on the back of the belt so all the wight of the main line is pulled from my centre back at waist height. Like that I have very few issues with hose hookup but I do pull the odd shrub out of the ground.

When my 30ft pole is fully extended there is only about 5 feet of hose coming out the bottom. The hose has a quick connect on it. Snaps right onto my backpack hose. As I lower the pole the extra hose gets stuffed in my belt so there isn’t any hose on the ground when I’m using my backpack.

When I’m in DI cart mode the hose coming from the cart is hooked to my belt. The extra hose from the pole usually gets stuffed in my window washers belt out of the way.