What do you guys do on rainy days?

Its going to rain the next couple of days around here. What do you guys do on rainy days?

Bring extra socks.

If a customer calls you to cancel you can assure them that rain will not affect the cleaning of the windows. Break it down for them. Explain how once the dirt is removed through proper cleaning methods rain water will not make dirt and minerals visible. Rain water only has an average tds of about 5. That will not spot clean windows.

If they persist, throw in a little guarantee. Tell them you will come back to fix any issues directly caused by the rain. (you won’t have to go back)

Hope this helps.

I offer a “rainy day guarantee” as Alex suggested. I have done this for over 100 homes and Never have had a problem. The extra socks are a great idea also an extra shirt has come in handy. BTW we have very few rainy days here in SoCal

Well if you don’t have work lined up for the day what do you do?

I have gone cold calling on rainy days…worked fine.

Where I am we’ve had more rain this summer than any other year on record. So far I’ve only had to reschedule a couple of times. I too make mention that if rain trashes the windows, just give me a call and I’ll do a touch up. No call backs yet.

But when I just can’t work for the rain, I reschedule then try to do flyering, catch up on office work, design a new flyer, update my website, post ads on free classifieds sites, check my customer list from last year and call up clients that haven’t re-booked yet, etc. There is tons that you can do when not actually cleaning windows.

What do you do when you don’t have work scheduled on non-rainy days?

I would also recommend hot chocolate and renting a movie or two…at least sometimes…(give the brain a break to clear it up a bit…)



You don’t do windows in the rain do you?

or watch free movies online

Or watch TV on your laptop while you lay in bed

Scook: Never.

How have you arranged things this summer with the record rain, plus training an inexperienced crew?

On rainy days, and there’s plenty of that here in the UK, I do booked in guttering work, I don’t know if you have them in the States but a lot of homes here have conservatories on the back of their homes, the roofs get green over time, so again I book in conservatory roofs for rainy days.

Somehow, I’ve fluked out with scheduling, for the most part. Either completed the job right before the rain poured down, or been able to do some “covered” or indoor work while its raining. I’ve only really “lost” maybe 2 or 3 days all summer.

The training thing is expensive and frustrating to be sure, and can be borderline annoying, but its reaping rewards. Their getting faster and better, and are working without me now on occasion, which is good.