What do you offer?

I see that some of us offer New Construction clean-up. What all do you offer when it comes to the new construction cleaning. Window Cleaning, Frame cleaning…

DeJay, I’ve done more remodeling cleanup than new const. but weve cleaned windows, washed/wiped dusty ledges, cleaned lite fixtures. But I’d do more if they wanted me too: walls,etc. Id offer to do as much as possible, if you can

For window CCU, I clean the entire window – glass, frame, sill, and track. I have one home builder who completely protects the frame during all construction, so it’s basically cleaning the glass.

I’ve also provided high-access cleaning of exposed surfaces in commercial settings (i.e. dust and debris removal of exposed open beam surfaces at 30+ feet, light fixture dusting at 25+ feet, etc.)

In addition, I provide top-to-bottom residential CCU – ceilings, fixtures, exposed surfaces, drawers and shelves, carpets, garage, and floors, etc.

We use to do everything from windows to complete construction cleanup. Basiclly it was everything the contractor need done, before final walk through so new homeowner could move in. (clean kitchen, bathrooms (take down drawers wipe down all woodwork), fireplace, vacuum all carpet, AC vents, light fixtures, mirrors, EVERYTHING. Do all that you are capable of doing.

Thanks. We just picked up 3 commercial buildings that were just built and they sent me a e-mail asking what all we do in new constrution cleaning. We offer the basics like window, frames, High dusting and pressure washing I just didnt know if I was missing out on something before I sent the email.

I am new to the post construction cleanup business. I have been doing apartments and houses for 5 yrs. I’m having a hard time bidding post construction cleaning jobs. I have my first one right now. They said my bid was a little low. They want me to do windows. How do I bid windows???

We used to offer full post construction cleanup, but now we just offer window cleaning that includes windows frames screens and sills. I’m not sure how the industry is where you are, but the prices are so cheap in California (most of the cleaners are less than legal) it isn’t worth it to pursue them any longer.

I find the same here in Toronto Canada. I’ve had contractors and janitorial contractors offering as little as $25 per house exterior with a promise of up to 1000 houses. I’m serious! :eek:

How are you charging when you dust and it comes back in minutes becuase of the new construction? How do you charge something like that?

Not sure what you’re asking.

I’ve had some jobs which required incremental cleaning – rough clean at a specified date or dates and then final clean when building/home is turned over to the owner.

On most commercial sites, someone is already assigned the daily cleanup task, typically an employee of the general contractor.

Larry you avitar is confusing the Hell out of me!:slight_smile:

Quick question…I have a commercial client that has asked for an estimate on 168 celing light fixtures, the typical rounds, approx 12" diameter lights. I have not done these in the past, but it is hard to pass on that many. I am thinking in the ballpark of $6-$8 a fixture. Is that in the right range? I truly don’t know Im just basing that off of some reading online…
Any help or direction is appreciated.