What do you pay for Direct Mail?

I see a lot of you guys doing direct mail. I’m thinking about ramping it up again. I haven’t sent any out in over a year. How much do you pay for what you do?

My local mailhouse charges .55 turnkey (design to mail) vs .57 per card for 5000 6x9 cards.

I’ll be watching this closely since I’m sending postcards right now, old ones with discount, I’m designing new ones, and I’m sending them out myself @ 27cents a piece since they’re already printed and that didn’t cost me a cent.

About the lists I’m getting them for free through a real estate website, but is really time consuming to do it by hand, but is REALLY target specific, to homes going from $400K and up.

We did a little Direct Mail campaign for the month of August, and the cost broke down like this:

[B]90,000 Pieces[/B]
Write Copy

Design Mailer



Labeling With Address


Misc Delivery Fees[/I]

[B]Roughly $20,000 or about 22 cents a piece.

Full color card both sides / Thick card stock / Super high gloss / 11x7 in size.[/B]

All mailed to people in super high income areas with disposable income.

This is mailed VIA the drop ship method. This card is so big and sturdy the mailman usually places the postal customers mail right on top of the card in the mailbox. People have no choice but to read it.

Wow, that’s really cheap, Chris.

Is that a local place or is it online?

Well the trick is its 5 or 6 different places. I just coordinate things with all of them…

I am glad somebody brought this back up…

I know you explained this in Kevin’s first show, but the audio track got all jacked up.

I know you explained this to me on the phone, but I was driving and couldn’t take notes.


Can you explain your Jedi Mailling trick one more time? This would be a great topic for NATION. (After you get done typing it[I][U] here[/U][/I] ofcourse.)

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//youtu.be/Saturation Mailing - YouTube

And this is 37,000 ish peices shipping out today… VIA the saturation method described above.


Wow. 37,000 pieces.

May you get a hefty 3% return and 1000+ new jobs!

Unfortunately we have not seen 3% return with the saturation method.

Chris, sure they love you at the post office :slight_smile:

[SIZE=“7”]Awesome Post![/SIZE]

I especially like the first 2words… ok… the second word said at the beginning.:smiley:

Would it be worth adding at the bottom of the mailing something like. “If you don’t want to use our services this time - please send the card back for a chance in our draw for a new iphone/window clean (or anything).” "Clients that use our service get 2 entry’s in the draw."
Then -

  1. You can reuse the card.
  2. See who reads it.
  3. More chance of reading it.
  4. Gives you a point of reference for service areas if they are coded leaflets.
  5. Gives you feed back on areas that are more open to competitions & could be persuaded in the future.
  6. Or give a web address to enter for a future draw.
  7. Give a referral for a window clean & get 2 entry’s in the draw if you take the service or not.

Just some thoughts :slight_smile:

I wonder how effective these mailings are compared to newspaper Ad’s?
Wouldn’t a newspaper Ad be cheaper?

I’m reading a marketing book at the moment, so any other books people say are a must read - please supply the author & title.

i have a question?
We you do the saturation method don’t you have to mail to everyone in the area?

Our problem is in most zip codes we only want to mail to half the people in that zip code making the other half we mail to a waste.

Does it even out because it so cheap to mail it dosent matter if it ends up to some people you don’t want it to.

There is a way to just pick certain routes with in that zip code. It requires getting a breakdown of what streets are covered by which routes. We intend to do it that way for sure next spring. Were gonna have to plan it out over the winter.


this is a great thread…

what % yield have you seen from this activity…

also what sort of shelf life do you expect these flyers will have?will you still be receiving inquiries in a months time as a result of this marketing campaign…

also i am just wondering how do you manage in the office the day that these flyers are delivered?how do your receptionists keep up with the volume of calls incoming?

Hope it doesn’t rain.LOL:D

Right?? I was thinking the same thing…

I just wondering what is average return direct mailing method I use coupon book and also you have service in California

They always have a choice Chris and you’d be shocked to know how many don’t read it