What do you pay for Workers Comp?

Looking to hire someone trying to get a guestimation on what all my cost will be.


here in so-cal I pay $16.50 for every $100 in payroll. Way too much…

Sounds good. Got a quote today.

Im in Cali also, it sounds like we have the same rate 16%. Good to know. Still seems crazy high though.

I’m glad you are thinking about it. As long as you are getting a reputable Works Comp. insurance ompany you will be in good shape. I tried waiting as long as possible until the state mandate required me too.

Unfortunately I’ve had to use it once when one guy fell of a short ladder and broke a shoulder. It works. If I didn’t have it I would had to shell out a ton of money for his costs because he didn’t have personal insurance.

Since then, I’ve trained my guys extensively on safety to prevent these claims.