What do you think about the price?

Hello everyone I’m new to the Window cleaning business been at this for about 4 months now learn alot from watching Luke the window cleaner and Steve-o and some more pulse reading alot of input on here. Any way let me get to the point Im from South Florida Ft Lauderdale to be exact and I get this phone call for window cleaning from a grocery store asking about a estimate I told them $150 for the initial cleaning and $85 a month for outside they ok it but now I’m I’m wounder if I under bid myself here are photo of the store and commitment will help thank you.

Since you are new, be happy you got the job. Do the work, and time yourself, just not on the initial clean.

Once you are doing the monthly cleans, time your self, if you get the outside done in an hour or less, I would say you priced it correctly.

You will also get faster with time and practice. I imagine that this job would be part of a route that you are building? Try to get more work in that plaza, and it will help.


You might check what the expectations are with those windows that have product in from front of them. (I can’t tell if it’s heavy or light from the pic.)
Nicely done differentiating the initial and monthly price.:+1:t3:
I agree with DTWM, time yourself on the monthly, if it’s under an hour your at $85/hr, not bad for route work. (At least based on the economy up north.) With routes your money is in grouping clients. I’ve found too, the more you do each job, the faster you become. You’ll learn the idiosyncrasies of each job and preemptively adjust your approach. Good get by you, keep grinding!:ok_hand:t3: