What do you think of my new logo?

A friend of a friend who much more of a graphic designer than I came up with this logo for me to use. What do you guys think? Looks like you’ll have to click on it for the large version…

Nice! Well done!
That will fit well in upstate NY- Go Orangemen!

Kinda hard to read, the font is too tin

Just my .2

But looks nice non the less

nice very unique, I like it.

what he meant to say was that a Noles!

Hahaha, ouch…

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I think it looks great - but may need a little tweaking? The “merald City” part should be in italics to match the lean of the “E”; and I also think the font could be a tad bolder? Otherwise looks great! Nice job.

the word [B]window cleaning[/B] needs to be bigger

Try going with orange. It will fit in good with being in Syracuse. But I know it may be hard with the Emerald theme.

Its pretty cool… I like the suggestion by Mike to make the word Window Cleaning Bigger… and maybe Emerald smaller

My suggestion would be to make sure the image is crisp and clean. If you are going to put this on your vehicles, make sure people can read and understand your message as you are driving down the road, especially the phone number. I shake my head daily at vehicles I see with really nice (and prolly expensive) graphics and I can’t make out their message or phone number in the 3 to 4 seconds I have watching them go by. I got a call once from someone who saw me up on a ladder cleaning a second floor window and got my number off the back of my T-shirt as they drove by

I like your design, I hope it works for you

Correct. Phone # & your service should be first & big. Then your company name. No one cares who you are until they know what you can offer them.

I think it looks great altogether, great job!
But what is stopping others from stilling your ideas, my question is do you have to do some-type of copyrighting? The reason I’m asking is because I’ve created a new logo as well but can’t other window cleaners still your personalized logo without copyrighting it?
Anyway, good job on you new logo, and I think all the other posts above are awesome to take their advice. Especially on making the “Window Cleaning” bigger or bolder because it should stand out.


Thanks for all the input guys! I’d like to take this logo back to the drawing bored and tweak it a little, but the person who designed it for me has been ignoring me for the past several weeks. She hasn’t responded to any of my emails or phone calls, and I’ve left several messages. And yes, I already paid her for the initial logo design, and she said she’d do any adjustments I wanted after that, but if she doesn’t answer her phone or emails, I don’t see how that’s possible, so I am probably going to be looking for another graphic designer and shell out more money…yay…

As far as copyrighting or trademarking, I really don’t know a lot about that. It’s something I should probably brush up on.