What do you think?

I have been thinking about trading in my truck (f150 fx4) for the new Nissan Cargo compact. My truck is a gas-a-holic, 13mpg!!! The new Nissan is 24mpg. So i guess my question is, what does everyone think of this new van?
I’m kind of excited about it’s potential. This vehicle seems to have been designed with all of us w/c’ers in mind.
Does any one see a disadvantage going for this over sticking with a truck?
Any input would be great.

I took a look and I like it a lot. Bigger than the transit connect. I like the bigger Nissan van but it has a bigger motor and less MPG. If the smaller fits your size needs I think it would be a good choice.

This is what My local comp likes

It is eye catching. I’ll give them that.

I like it. I want to see the new Ford cargo vans too.