What do you use to get oxidation off windows?

More than likely it was TEH.

Just to clarify, CC550 will [B]not[/B] damage window seals.

CC550 is specifically designed to attack minerals. It will not harm rubber, plastic nylon or other window surroundings.

I know a guy who would put Armor All on his screens. They’d look great, however, whenever they went back there was always an oxidation film on the glass. Plus, it seems to me like Armor All would compromise the longevity of the vinyl material most screens are made of these days, dry rotting them.

attached are photos, after using saferestore. I tried putting this on a small area that had hard water, mineral deposit. Was looking ok until I decided to do the entire window, now there are run lines and a white haze that will not come off. I am panicked. Called the company and waiting for reply. First job, 2 huge 6x6 windows.

What was the dwell time?

What was the temperature of the glass while SafeRestore was dwelling?

Was the SafeRestore dwelling in direct sunlight?

Ya, here in PA screen burn is very common. I tried WFP’ing them first to get any loose junk off, then put Sani-Scrub on a white pad attached to the Reach Around, scrubbed, and then rinsed with pure water. The results were quite good. Some windows are so shot, I’m not sure if this would work in every case. I’m guessing that Sani-Scrub or something similar on a steel wool sleeve might provide even better scrubbing power.

I’m kind of leaning with larry on that one…it looks like it was let to dry on the glass some, the streaking kind of makes me think it was applied and let run and dry a bit…
Either way…I would go back and re-do with SR, in the shade, let it dwell for a minute or two, hose down good. If it remained, I would first try A-1 spot remover with a buffer, then if that didnt work ABR with a buffer. That should clean it up…
Is the glass next to a pool with pool water on it?

I’ve learned tried and true that if it’s in Northern New Jersey and has Andersons, half the house is going to be screen burnt and the other half is going to be caked in hard water stains.

Edit: I just wet with the WFP, scrub the hell out of it with a semi-abrasive washer, then WFP the rest. Usually any “burn” left over wipes right off with a clean, dry mikey after the window is dry. Anything deeper than that comes right off with dry steel wool.