What do you wear to deal with heat?

Been working here in Texas and the heat has been kicking my ass. It’s my first summer season.

I did a job last week when it was 110. Midway through the job, I started to get light-headed and sick to my stomach.

I asked the customer to use their bathroom, took off my shirt and rung it out in the sink, and just sat there patting myself down with cold water from the tap. I was a freakin’ wreck.

I finally got myself together and got it finished, but it made me wonder what other folks were doing and wearing.

It’s embarrassing to take an invoice into the house when my T-shirt looks like I just jumped in a pool.

How do you guys cope with this? What kind of clothing do you wear?

I had on my company T-Shirt (regular cotton blend), Levis, and a good sun hat.

This narrative was absolutely hilarious! But yeah I hear ya! This summer has been scorching for us too… Not 110 but still. I’m curious to know what people are wearing also.

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Here you go



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First off I wouldn’t worry about being embarrassed. 110 degree who isn’t going to be sweating

When it gets above 90 I wear dri-vit. shirts . I always have some type of towel hanging from my shoulder to wipe the sweat Amazon.com

Pack a cooler filled with water keep drinking .
Bring xtra shirts. Switch it up before you go in if that makes you feel better. I have done that before.

I sweat like an animal above 90. Who cares. I go In with invoice In one hand towel in the other , an a Bottle of water in the other. Lol. Wait that’s 3 Hamds. Haaa

Dam suppose to be 97 with high humidity tommorrow. Most important thing is stay hydrated an who cares sweat it it up.

I bought one of those cool vest used it once. I don’t know didn’t really like it
Freaking 2oo bucks too.

Btw those towels I put up you could keep wetting them an out then over your head. Works great


Don’t feel bad it could be in the low 60s and ill still sweat


Thats funny! :sweat_smile:


I’m here busting it in the Texas heat as well. What part of Texas are you in?

You had jeans on… in the middle of summer?

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Jeans?..way too hot…Wear a hat…60/40 blend shirt…and drink a shitload of water…get out of bed in the AM and start drinking water…At least a gallon a day. Don’t drink soda/tea or coffee, they dehydrate you…put a little apple juice in your water, about 10 to 1 ratio, it helps hydrate you better than plain water…

Yeah, I know it sounds stupid, but I used to wear shorts. A lot of homes have scrubs - including holly - right around their windows. I can deal with the blood, but the itching was most annoying.

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I’m up in North Houston

I’m in Houston too! All I will say. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, just kidding. Would love to exchange info with you if you were interested. Not sure how established you are. Maybe we could team up on some big jobs or something.

I’m in Austin I just burn up in the sun. I also wear black pants most of the time.

Where lite color cloths , shorts , dri-fit shirt , ice water , hat , wet towel rolled up and place around your neck. Work in the shade side of the home . Start early , finish the outside by noon then go inside .


I have a buddy that owns a pressure washing business during the summer he wears shorts and flip flops. Lol

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Sounds about right for people in Austin. :stuck_out_tongue:

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As previously stated, ditch the cotton. Get some sort of breathable synthetic material (shirt and shorts) that will allow your perspiration to evaporate.

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www.duluthtrading.com has some long-sleeve cooling shirts that apparently are popular in Texas.