What Does it cost?

Thanks for the input Larry.

Whats is your average ROI?

2012 - $28 bucks/First Time Cust.

Which could be completely skewed, as I [B]do[/B] include Gutters and PWash, which I pretty much spend nothing on.

So, take that for what it’s worth…

Ran the actual numbers… It’s $42.50

So far its running between $7-$42.50 (except for socal) to acquire a new client for the average window cleaning company.

We spend around $15 to $30 for a brand new never hired us before customer. Way less when talking about past customers.

Thanks for the reply Joshua, yes the information i was looking for was, [I]“Brand new never hired us before customers”

What is the reason for such a gap ($15-$30) in cost of aquiring a new client for youre Company?

It should be a solid number, not a range unless I’m Missing something

Well this year I have used two primary methods for harvesting new customers. I gave a price for each method I have been using. I could give an exact number by averaging them together but I just listed two prices instead.

[MENTION=1719]birdsbeware[/MENTION], Thanks for your input.