What Drives You Nuts About Residential?

My preferred customer is the homeowner… but sometimes I hate dealing with certain things.

One of my biggest issues would be heavy smokers. You know, the yellow sticky, stinky wet mess that comes with cleaning their windows.

Another issue- old non-functioning double hung combo windows. HATE THEM!

Howzabout another- followers… you know, the people that follow you around the house watching you do every window, watching where every drop of water lands. I have very few of these, but I hate it.

I LOVE residential… these are just quirks.

What issues do you have with this type of job that drives you up a tree?

Check my thread on tobacco/smokers.

Non-functioning/stubborn double hung windows: The nail on my ring finger took a pinch yesterday and now it’s badly bruised.

The following customer: check my thread

I also hate the ones that keep asking you if you want to change your water.

Ditto for the one that keeps offering you their step ladder when you know you don’t need it.

How about the folks that don’t know how to count windows. “Oh I just have 4 in the front, 6 on the side, and 10 in the back” You arrive to find that the ones in the front are all storms that have never been taken apart (yes I asked them if they had storms and they said no), they didn’t count any doors, they didn’t count the basement windows. The list goes on and on. You tell them the revised price and feel like you’re the bad guy because it’s twice as high as the original quote.

Yeah I know, it’s up to me to ask the right questions and to quote on site whenever possible.

But all in all residential is pretty good. Most of my customers are nice and leave me to it. And like in the case of yesterday where the customer (far from me) miscounted the number of storms and was glad I didn’t raise the price too much, turns around and gives me a $50 tip and asks for a handful of biz cards. I guess getting a pinched finger wasn’t so bad. :slight_smile:


I’ve had a few guys feel the need to offer to help me carry a ladder that I have already perfectly centered on my shoulder thru a doorway. Needless to say, I had to quickly lower the ladder so it wouldn’t smash into a wall!

Dan Wagner
Honesdale, PA

My favorite is the house full of 15 year old pella windows that the customer doesn’t want taken apart because of the price. Even though I know they look like hell. And I tell them that they need to be taken apart to get a true cleaning. (not that I enjoy taking them apart)

When you are just about finished they start to pick windows that windows that they all of a sudden want you to take apart and clean. After they take a paper towel to because they claim you never touched. I LOVE those homeowners.

yep, gotta love the old: " can you just get these extra windows here for me…you don’t mind do you?" as you’ve already packed up your stuff, loaded the ladders and are handing them the bill…for work that did not include those windows.

Since I work in the office I get the pleasure of dealing with residential customers about 10 hours a day. You know what drives me nuts??? Its the people who call and want only the outsides cleaned because they have their hack of a cleaning woman doing the insides, then they call me two weeks after we’ve cleaned the outsides because they realized that the cleaning lady is indeed a hackk and want us to come back and do the insides now. And then theres the people who call 3 days before they are scheduled for a cleaning to cancel because there is a 10% chance it might rain on the day we’re schedule to come out. Those are the people who drive me crazy. The majority of people I deal with though are great.

Ive had a few of these, and with the happiest smile on my face I tell them that the price I quoted was to wash the windows , it goes up by 50% if they want to watch and 100% if they want to help
this is always said with a laugh but they get the message

Sounds like an opportunity to increase revenue – 70% of full service price for exterior only + 70% of full service price for interior only. It then becomes incentive for the customer to schedule full service in the future…

another thing that drives me nuts is this: you go and quote a job…residential job. and you give your price, its in writing, you settle on a date to get the windows cleaned on. Then the day of the clean or the night before you get a call form that client telling you “something came up” and they have to re-schedule, but can’t give you a date, then you never hear from them again. this has happened a couple times, figure they were price shopping and called up the other guy after they settled with me and found out i wasn’t the cheapest guy in town. I just wish id get he yes or no before i schedule them in. Or at least with enough advanced notice i can re-book someone else.

Juggers gets a deposit from his customers when they book to combat/alleviate this issue.

I hate when a customer has all sorts of crap on the glass and wants it off for free. IE Screen burn, mineral deposits, silicone etc…

Auh, The fun of residential customers, I feel for you guys all the things you have mentioned have happened to me, but the mojority of my great residential customers far out weigh the few cooky ones soo I just let the followers check my but out, the want a free addon’s quote them a price and the reschedulers get rescheduled at my conveinence. The good customers far out weigh the bads ones, but some of the cooky ones can drive you crazy.

The great customers do out weigh the annoying ones for sure. But the real pain in the butt customers really stick in my head for a long time. People (me included) always remember the bad stuff over the good. Thats just human nature.

So’s whining.

waaaahhhhhhhhh!! :wink:

Slight variation: I give the quote, customer is in a hurry because the house is being renovated and they want to get their blinds and drapes up ASAP. Night before the job they want to reschedule for next week. I don’t hear from them and call because my schedule is filling fast and it’s very tight. They act annoyed that I called them. I just wanted to take care of them because my next available appointment is just over 3 weeks away.

I forgot one… the woman that calls and says “I have a window in the back of the house I can’t reach” :eek:

It really eats at my arse when I find out she used a *ppc to find me

*ppc being a pay per click service like through google or Yahoo. Where it cost money every time they click on my ad.

“No job too big or too small.” :smiley:

it is safe to say you did not cut and paste that from any of my stuff

When I say sure, $80. They say [SIZE=“5”]WHAT![/SIZE] :rolleyes:

I would think the vast majority of service-oriented businesses have a minimum charge of some type – ya have to.