What else do you use your RO/DI for?

Since I now have one. I was thinking of trying to offer some car cleaning to the dealerships around here. We have allot of them around. I used to work at one and remember seeing 3 guys in a pick up who would show up once per month to give a quick rinse to the cars on the lot. One would drive and the other two would clean the cars from the back of the truck. 1 would use a preasure washer to spray the cars while the other would use a WFP to brush them, then the preasure washer guy would rinse it. Took them few minutes per car. I have no idea what they would charge for the service, but some of these dealers here have a few hundred cars in the lot.

You can search the pressure/power wash forums for price ideas, including The Grime Scene:

As long as you’re shooting for the cars how about the building? Could be a great scenario. You know kill two birds w/ one stone.

I use a mix (50/50) of alcohol and DI to clean mirrors and Chandeliers. With your system you have a ready supply.

Not a bad idea to sell them on multible services. One thing though, I have always had a bad taste with dealerships. I am rethinking this entire process. Funny though, I have a friend who owns a high end car wash and I was telling him about my machine. He is now looking at them lol. He wants me to come over next week and demo it for him lol. I told him I dont know how to use it that well yet but I’m sure he will see the benefit. My mistake was the guys who dry the cars where about 5 feet away and looked like they wanted to kick my ass as I walked out lol.
I take it you pull the mirrors and chandeliers out of the home first? chandeliers must be a bitch?
Larry those forums are HUGE!. lol there is like every service known to man there. Lotsof posting but lots of old stuff. Good info thou.

Use the Search feature logically.

I use the mix in a spray bottle not from the machine. So I clean them in place.

I was wondering about this as someone had asked me if it’s possible. If I take water from my machine and put it in the spray bottle will that even work? I thought that once I drop a cleaner or anything else in the water it is now contaminated and worthless as far as TDS goes. What am I missing?

It’s something about the combo. They do a wonderful job cutting thru the crud and leaving a great shine.

I’m going to have to give it a try tomorrow. Cool.

Alcohol is one think you can mix with RO/DI its colorless and evaporates leaving no residue. Some use it as a pure water antifreeze when temps are just below freezing.
You could also sell it to some customers if they want to clean their own inside windows using a microfibre and a spray bottle.

Car dealerships around here pay around $3 per car for the weekly/bi-weekly powerwashing thing.

200 cars = $600.

Not bad. I’ve had one of my dealership clients ask if I was interested.

Out of the RO straight into containers and you have good quality drinking water you could sell, DON’T put it through the DI

Does the alcohol reduce the life of the DI?

Is that legal?

I wouldn’t think so.

that hardly compiles to health and hygiene standards.

And what would you print on the bottled water

instead of sourced from a mountain spring

you’d be like “extracted from a commercial RO in your locality”

I don’t think it would sit well with the general public :smiley:

I don’t think he could sell it but it’s the same water. HE surely can drink it and us it in his home. Go test aquafina with a tds meter and then test your ro water. Both zero. I watched a show on tv the other night about drinking water. I had no idea there are two kinds. But of course after they tell you the lightblub goes off. One is a filtered water (aquafina) and one is from a spring like (poland). But same tds, which was interesting to me.

ye well makes scence i suppose…all water was unpolluted at one stage (like in a polish spring)…and by filtering we are simply removing all the deposits and gunk and so forth to restore it…

well thats my understanding of it, probably wrong though!!

Originally Posted by 007
Out of the RO straight into containers and you have good quality drinking water you could sell, DON’T put it through the DI

Is that legal?

dinosaurs will die

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R/O water that is sold as bottled water, MUST go through U.V. and ozonation to prevent bacteria growth.
I drink my R/O water all the time… :wink:

In Europe you need a license to sell water.

Don’t drink that water!!!