What equipment do I need?

Ok. I’ve pretty much sorted out what I need for my WFP setup. This takes care of the exterior windows. Now I need to build a storefront/residential window cleaning kit.

I already have a 16’ and 12’ Unger pole as well as a 14" Unger Combi T bar (squeegee and pad)…all from Home Depot. I’ve seen a T bar that swivels. This looks like something I would need.

Here are some of the homes that I will be working on for examples…

Justin this is a pretty tight set up:

The Ultimate Window Cleaning Starter Kit

A swiveling/adjustable t-bar scrubber is a must have for me when doing pole work. If the window isn’t a nice square/rectangle window and your using a pole without a swivel t-bar you are going to find it a pain in the ass. Get one- it’s money well spent in my opinion especially for pole work. A swivel squeegee handle like the Ettore ones are the same- money well spent.

Thanks Chris. This looks really good. Would you suggest a belt and bucket as well?

Thanks for the info and suggestions. Is the swivel unit in the above kit like the one you are talking about?

yeah, that kit is pretty complete. it does come with the Unger SwivelStrip T-bar 18". the one thing I would add is get more huck towels- or go with a scrim. 3 hucks will run out pretty quick

interesting, there’s a lot of “cabins” like these getting built in my market. to add to what Nate said, a swivel t-bar is a must have! I keep mine pretty loose, and I use the swivel even by hand- helps with scrubbing and getting into every corner of the glass quickly, imo

Yeah, tons of cabins here. Most are in rental. I’ve landed two contracts with the rental agencies for glass and power washing. One deal is for 25 cabins @ 125.00 per…for just the upper fixed pane glass in and out. Their cleaning crew never touches them I will probably have to vacuum some of the interiors panes. I will have one guy on the outsides with a WFP while I handle the interiors.

Yeah basically. I use the Ettore ones like this one http://shopwindowcleaner.com/window-http://cleaning-tools/t-bars/ettore-t-bars/ettore-pro-super-system-t-bar-18.html the Unger one looks about the same to me but I have no experience with that brand. I’m sure either one will work well for you. i think you mentioned that you have Unger poles so the Unger t-bar should fit perfect. I just happen to use Ettore poles and handles.

Those angled windows on those cabins are going to be fun if your using a pole instead of getting up to them with a ladder. Look into the angle squeegee handles as well. Its the same principle as with the t-bars. It will allow you much more flexibility when dealing with geodesic or angular glass- especially when using a pole, but also like Alex said- “helps with scrubbing and getting into every corner of the glass quickly” and the same goes for a Squeegee handle like this one Ettore Contour Pro + Super Channel Handle this is the “wide-Body” one for the bigger channels like the Slayer and s0rb0 ones but they make them in the regular version too- if you buy one make sure you get the right one for your particular channels.

Don’t count out an angle adapter for your pole. I think they’re even better than swivel handled squeegees for pole work since all it takes is a turn of the pole to change the squeeqee’s angle, not moving your whole body and the pole several feet to one side to turn your path down the window vertical.

Thanks Dan, I have a Ettore universal adapter and I tried getting it to work with my Ettore poles when I first bought it and it wouldn’t work. To be honest, I only gave it a minute and then put it back in the tool box and promptly forgot all about it. So thanks for reminding me about it. I need to dig it out and figure out how it’s supposed to attach;)

What about the new wagtail. Ive seen a bunch of videos and they seem extreemly versital and fast once you know how to use them.