What Gel or Oil do you use for your pole tips, brush sockets and other plastic fittings liable to get stuck?

I’ve tried wd-40 but I think I could do with something better.

It’s for the plastic fittings on top of the pole - so the Euro socket of the brush and any other plastic fitting liable to get jammed with age and use.

I’m also on the lookout for some quality chaulk for rain barrel connections if anybody has an opinion.

To scratch your back I discovered a cool push fit connector which would be of service to many window cleaners!

Silicone based lubricants are usually best for plastic and rubber components. Petroleum based lubricants can be rough on plastic and rubber.

Not sure why you need caulking for rain barrel connections? If you use a good quality bulkhead fitting like the ones made by Banjo, you should be all set.

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Thanks for the information.

Banjo is out of my budget. There is a lot of barrels in this plan. I paid about 40 dollars for 11 bulkheads. In the stores I recall even one bulkhead cost 10 20 dollars. These cheap bulkheads are from China so I wanted to use PTFE and sealant to secure the connections.

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I use a wood tip for the majority of Trad work, and keep it lubed with mineral oil.


Those wood tips annoyed me so much with the threads breaking I used construction adhesive with those red zero acme pole tips. I like the wood tips for pole work but they should have an interior metal or plastic internal thread.

I’ll keep zoro in mind if I should need bulkheads again thanks.