What happened to Nate?

Aka woody’s windows. He used to post here all the time. Haven’t seen or heard from him in a long time, anyone know?

I was wondering about that myself. He hasn’t posted since 9/08.

Maybe a zombie got him.

Lol! I forgot about the zombies

I am here: Google Maps

In all seriousness though, I hope he’s okay

Although his profile says his last activity here was yesterday at 3:58 PM

He is cutting back on his WCR addiction, there is a conversation with another member a month or so ago on his profile page. I was thinking the same thing awhile ago.

This place can be addicting. Good people here is the reason.

So he went cold turkey?

I am here: Google Maps

Addicting yeah. but its good for me. Every morning its the same pages i open. Gmail, news, and wcr. I check out my jobs and get amped for the day

Yeah, I wrote on his profile and asked him what was up. His answer is on my profile.