What happened to the "Home" tab?

Used to be the first tab, before “Shop Supplies”. Where did it go? How do I get back “Home” after 3 or 4 pages in a thread?

Chip click the WCR logo and it will take you “home”

Thanks Chris

Other window cleaning supply companies have a home button on their home page. It’s OK to have one. I say bring back the home button.

I say bring back “Dinosaurs must die!”

I never even knew there was a home button. I’ve always just clicked the logo. Aren’t the logos on most websites the “home” button? It is on my website as well… even though there is an actual home button too.

Thanks Woody,
That’s news to me. I must be a dinosaur.

Larry the campaign is alive and well at WCR HQ Command center. All WCR staff members actually get this tatto on their first day of work:

Perhaps I’m the dinosaur-- I didn’t know there was a home button. :wink:

Nate “back in the day” things used to be crazy here… it was so much fun