What "hard" rubber works with?

I guess I need some hard rubber for the HOT weather. Maybe that’s why I’ve been leaving soo much water behind.

What “hard” rubber works with?

Does someone want to explain the difference between the hard and soft and why we use hard in the heat and soft when it’s mild.


It’s all about “shore hardness” of various rubbers Stud. What you no doubt are experiencing is…chatter or rolling of the rubber. One sure shot way to avoid it is with using a friction reducer like glide(not sure i should have mentioned that one) as not a real favorite around here:D or try supply’s “Slick” it will help on those problems mentioned.

Basically soft rubber rolls more on hot glass where as hard rubber tends to conform better to hotter glass with less chatter & roll.

I recommend Pulex hard rubber;) Also cut your rubber tight to the channel ends (about a 16th of an inch) help on fish tailing & hang outs.

Just so you know… does not make a hard rubber no one does for those.However i have LFI rubber i get locally (alittle harder of a rubber) if you want i can send you a stick or 2 to try? PM me if interested!

Think of how heat can effect rubber. If its too hot the rubber will just bend or melt - so think of harder rubber having to be more compounded & stiffer to withstand the heat. In cold weather, if the rubber was too hard it would not flex with the cold, hence a lower flex rubber.
I’ve had some bad batches of Pulex recently - like all brands, sometimes you get unlucky. Thumbs up on the LFI Craig - still waiting for some really hot weather!!!

I’ve been using some free T rubber from ABC this week. It works pretty well and appears to be harder than the roll rubber. I’ve heard there’s some difference between the roll rubber and stick rubber but I can’t remember what it is.

Rolls are [B]Silicon[/B] Rubber

Sticks are [B]Natural[/B] Rubber

I use Ettore hard rubber all year long…

What’s the connection to the info posted in response to Major Panes’ inquiry?

correct me if im wrong, but I think if you use channels, youre pretty much stuck with or soren rubber??

Harry Falk Double Rubber and T Rubber as well.