What is going on with these Windows?

They have been cleaned inside and out. The brown steals are what I’m talking about, it sort of looks like a reflection but it’s not. Made by imperial?

I told the owner I would try to get an answer for him if I could. I’ve seen compromised seals on double panes before but these aren’t foggy at all like the ones I’ve seen before.

oonce leaks in between the panes it can show up as fog/condensation OR start to make marks and flaws on the inside show that were previously invisible. determine if they are inside by placing something ( i use my fingernail against the surface, if the marks are touching it’s on the outer surface if not and you cannot touch it from the other side either it is between the panes.
i have seen hand prints foot prints cloth marks all kinds of crap.
once there was an elephant in between…no wait that was a dream.


I saw my first suction cup mark at this House today too. 8 inches around big as day between the panes.