What is insurance for anyhow then?

We are insured for 2 mil. I state that everywhere. Until recently I always felt a sense of peace of mind that no matter how bad things get - I’m covered.

Recently I’ve been looking into it and the sad reality is that insurance does not cover your work. I have found horror story after horror story of people on here posting that they got denied their claim and now have to pay out of pocket. Whats the point then? We’re no better than bucket bobs. How on earth do you protect yourself

Step One: Be smart

Step Two: Don’t be dumb

Step Three: Don’t damage stuff

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Insurance won’t cover your work. If you scratch glass then it’s probably on you. You can get special riders to cover up to like $10k of glass, but I don’t remember what that’s called.

However, if you throw a ladder through a window, then insurance will cover that. Or if you accidentally knock over a metal sculpture onto a BMW showroom car, then insurance will probably cover that as well.

But yeah, it doesn’t cover what you think it should cover. It covers only stuff AROUND your work.

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Exactly, stay away from high risk jobs and people


Think of insurance the same way as car insurance. If you have a "accident " you are covered. If you do something on purpose, it’s your fault, too bad.
If you are willing to scrape glass with razors or abrasives, that is not an accident, you did that on purpose, and any damages are not going to be covered.

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so lets say you follow industry standards of cleaning but for whatever reason (defect on their part maybe or homeowners lack of knowledge about the surface we’re cleaning) something happens to their property. It isn’t YOUR worksmenship. Is that covered? by who? by their insurance? by yours?

how do you know who is risky lol

Industry standards? …What’s that?
Defects…you mean the glass mfg"s? According to them there are no defects. According to them fabrication debris is not a real thing.
Home owners…my experience is that homeowners don’t know jack shit about windows.


Here’s an interesting thing, could be called an industry standard…
But how many contractors do we all know of that actually do this?

Glass Informational Bulletin GANA 01-0116
During all stages of construction the glass must be properly protected from construction debris such as cement, paint, varnish, adhesives and other construction material commonly found on job sites. (See the GANA/IWCA Bulletin TD 03-1003 (2010 Edition) Construction Site Protection and Maintenance of Architectural Glass).


You are violating rule #2

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so I only hop over to this side on occasion, and it looks like @DanTheWindowMan has this one covered…but what does it matter if the homeowner knows anything about the surface you’re cleaning, or not? That’s why they hire a professional, in any industry.

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i beleive you could get a rider for workmanship if you can find one

remember insurance is for things that are statistically improbable, that’s how they make money

if scratching glass is probable, there’s no money in insuring that

doesn’t car insurance cover you when you’re at fault anyway though? Genuinely asking. It just seems ridiculous that they won’t cover you.

Not if they prove you were negligent (like intentionally drove into something). Insurance will not remove all sense of accountability, or there would be no incentive to actually do a good job.

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