What is the best approach for landing property management contracts

Im looking at growing and it might be time to look for more certain work through commercial property cleanings. I was wondering what my best approach towards property managers would be. E-mail, phone, in person… what are some good things to ask and so on. Any help will be much appreciated.

I prefer to strong arm em’ or extortion works as well…

Ive thought the same thing. What do you mean aout more certain work?

Hey Joe,

Hope you’re in good health these days. Long time no talk. I’m sure a number of folks on here can share either many or zero results with property management companies or facility/ property managers. Here are some actions I’ve taken:

I’ve worked with six different property mgt. companies since 2007 after persistently cold calling several hundred. Of these companies the ones with large HOA properties/ portfolios are the most successful/ have the most returns - at least for me.

As far as commercial props it’s cold calling again and with success few and far between. Likely need a new approach or message here. (insert your advice) Although it’s been my experience that facility/ property managers of commercial bldgs. decide budgets/ line items this time of year - August - September.

Those with July 1 to June 30 fiscal years typically require quotations in April or May for their budgetary timelines, in my experience.

Hey man, I am doing well sort of. I keep riding the wave up and down. I’ve been trapped on the couch again from the pain. The ligiments are starting to stretch out and it is sooooooooo painful. Thanks again for everything Stephen, im still catching up on things.

I was going to send my wife to them to set up an appointment for a presentation. I dont know though.

Find out the key term targeting property management in your area and target a page SEO specifically for it. I did this and get lots of calls for commercial stuff now. Not all of it I want, I am only looking for the cream, but a bit of SEO can go a long ways to help them find YOU!

Hope you are getting better!

Hey Mark what do you mean by “key term targeting property management”?

I think he is saying use the phrase “Property management” on the web page for SEO to get ranked for it