What is the best way to secure an open truck bed

As far as Chevrolet and GMC goes the $28k is on the cheaper side for me. It’s got the cap, boxes, ladder racks, extended cab, fully loaded electric everything, 4x4 and its a 2500HD

The other brand new Silverados I test drove were in the $40k range and for a brief moment I was contemplating the GMC Denali HD after a test drive, however that would have been more than double the payment on my current truck and I’m trying to make money not spend it all on truck payments.

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I hear ya. I bought a 2012 Chevy Colorado last July. I thought it was a great truck… It let me sit at two jobs two weeks ago, broke down, and I said No Way. As soon as I got it fixed I went right to the Toyota dealer and traded it for the Tacoma. It was a good decision. Those Chevy’s are nice trucks but you got to watch you don’t get a lemon. At least with Toyota you know you got a good sturdy vehicle. You’re right though, those things are pushin 40 G’s. I got a good deal. Come down to PA I’ll get you a cheaper price…:cool:

Those words in bold just shouldn’t show up in the same conversation. Pretty sad. Glad you’ve got a reliable vehicle, now.

I’ve got a lot more miles on my little 'yota toaster than a lot of “made in 'Murica” drivers would dream of trying to run… reliably. I wouldn’t dare try and use a 10 year old, 207k+ mile vehicle made by one of the big three, and actually expect to get to work every day. I’m sure it [I]could[/I] be done, but I’m just not OCD enough with my maintenance practices, lol.

I’ve only owned Chevy vehicles and pushed them all to the limits. My first car was a Cavalier, when I finally got rid of it she had 290k miles on it, my next Cavalier had 250k miles on it, my Blazer had over 300k miles on it.
My first Silverado (RIP) had 55k miles then she went to the showroom in the sky after an accident last year. And my current Silverado has 50k miles on it.

I’ve always had great times with my Chevy vehicles, so I would gladly pay the extra prices for them.

About that 2012 Colorado though, I saw one that was all set up for work and I was thinking about getting it, until I read up on that truck and the bad news outweighed the good news. So instead I went with the full size truck without the cap and ladder racks.

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8 ft Bed is a big plus no doudt. My old ford Ranger had a 6ft bed my sectionals were a pain in the ass most if the time they would have to hang out of the bed a little. Some times I could get them diagonally to lay in.
Love the Tacoma btw don’t know why I went with a Ranger. Maybe price.

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Oh man I dread the days when I had to load an unload. I had a fold a cover it was good when I was working for guys, but when I went on my own … Had to by more equitment then added power washing ugh!!!

I love 4x4s. If I trusted myself with a trailer I would still have one. I couldn’t do it the way I drive. I would if forgot one day what was being towed back there. :).

I just got my 4th red light camera ticket. The first 3 were turning right on red. I believe stopping should be optional. The cameras don’t. Don’t tell my wife she will bug. “Your driving like a maniac again come on babe this is 4”. Yada Yada Yada

That’s how it will go if she gets that ticket before me. I feel like I’m in school agian intercepting the progress reports from my parents. I was good at that lol

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Ouch. Yeah, you gotta stop before turning on red (where it’s even allowed). View it like a stop sign, with cops sitting at each corner of the intersection. Or imagine that there are cameras hidden at [I]every[/I] intersection you come to.

I had to start playing mental tricks on myself after my 3rd speeding ticket back in 2010 (I got them all within 2 months of each other; I was still living at home, and my parents were not impressed!). Now I pretend that there’s [I]always[/I] a cop watching me. It helps that I was stopped by 3 different unmarked vehicles (one of which I never would have guessed was a police car- a light green Ford 500 with no external clues to its identity. The other two I would have easily spotted had I been going a more sane speed).

In PA, stop signs with the white ring around them are optional…

Ok dumb question maybe, why does no one here like a ford I have nothing except great experiences with them,the truck I hate tend to hate is dodges there a big lemon in my opinion, but that’s just my opinion!

I’ll start by saying I’m in the Alex Lacey camp. Big Toyota fan. Have driven Camrys, Siennas and now a Highlander as family vehicles since the 80’s.
But because of availability and price, I’ve had a Ford E350 for work and now a F250 over about a 12 year span. There have been a few issues, but nothing real major. No valid complaints.

Ford is a work horse vehicle, the WC company I used to work for had a couple transits and a few E350’s they were all newer when I was there but I had no complaints when I had to use them.

I’m just a Chevrolet guy, car or truck they’ve always been great to me when I spend my money on a vehicle for myself.

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Central Massachusetts

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We love Fords, I just got upgraded to a 350 from a 250, when the boss got a new 350 diesel. We also have 2 150’s

This space for rent!

Okay to finally answer the question… Throw a truck cap on… Looks way more professional than tools, towels, and gear scattered all over the back…

I like the UnderCover covers. They’re easy on, easy off, but you’d have more room with a camper shell for sure. (Oh, FYI, that little girl holding up the cover on their ads - makes me feel like a punk.)

Or get yourself one of these.

I love my 2011 Chevy Colorado
4x4. Added roof racks and a Topper and I am set for everything.

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Do you have traffic light cameras in your state. Ya know what they starting doing now. Let me tell ya 17 years doing route work pulling into shopping centers parking in front if stores never once did I get a ticket or even a cop saying ya have move.
They now have people going around taking pics of your vehicle parked illegally. They send you offf a ticket with a pic of your truck . 250.00. A pop . I got one last year an one this year. That’s it I don’t park in front anymore. Ridiculous man. 500.00 in a year.

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A Tonneau cover does a pretty good job of deterring people from stealing something they don’t see. I have five pieces of stack, a couple of Four foot ladders and a toolbox in the back of my truck. Along with my belt and anything else that I might specifically need for the day. My ladder rack holds my 32 foot and my 24 foot as well as an A-frame ladder for cleaning chandeliers or ceiling fans inside someone’s home. That being said the ladders on the rack can be securely locked to the rack. Everything else in the bed of my truck can be moved into a garage in about five minutes. I don’t feel like it’s a big deal for me to put everything up in the shop at night if I need to. Even if I had a WFP set up I would just attach it to a dolly and take that into the shop at night as well. I don’t know I guess I just prefer by 8 foot bed pick up truck. Specially if I had pressure washers in the back and didn’t want to smell the gas fumes. Sorry about your luck. It’s pretty frustrating having thousands of dollars of equipment stolen in a matter of seconds.

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Buy a scary, snarling, crazy dog! and chain him inside the back of it…