What is the longest wetting wand you have used?

You tell me?


Sorbo Pole 40 ft

Do you mean a T-bar? I used a 22” a few times years back. Prefer an 18” for most of the work I do, though.

You will want to see a video I am working on for my YT channel. Just for laughs.

30”. I use 22” for the majority of my route work

So we do have 30 inch T bar wetting wands? And nothing bigger? What do we do with those huge plates at dealerships?! Also we need more videos on Sorbo tools.


Lots of torque on the joints when I use to use larger channels. After roto cuff injury physical therapy and a workman’s comp claim I went back to 18” channels. If you want a long career I wouldn’t recommend fanning with anything over 18”. Of course if you’re young and indestructible you may disagree with me. LOL

Oops I’m supposed to be talking about strip washers. I prefer shorter strip washers because they scrub crap off the window better. More pressure out on the ends. Also I can move faster with shorter tools. Not sure if the longer slower moving tool saves that much time all things considered. Heavier as well. Fatiguing! Fatigue equals lost revenue. LOL

Yeah, you are probably right Mike. Please get back to me on my email. We just have to meet sometime soon. I will come down for a coffee and pastry.

I am an old timer now too. Those indestructibles will catch up to us. I wasn’t thinking so much about this being a real practical idea. Just for catching eyes. If I do a video with something like this it will give a lot of guys the chance to say that Henry has gone too far now and needs to be locked up for safety!

We will see where it goes. But I am sure it will get a lot of attention. I will show you when I get it together. Half way there right now. I am working with Wiljer on the sleeve. You must know Richee. He is over in Indian Orchard upper Mass.


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I bet Sorbo would be interested as well. Bigger is better! Check him out as well. :sunglasses:

Will do Mike. Do you remember when Soren had hair?


Didn’t know he lost it.

Didn’t lose it. Completely. I think he shaved it. But he did have it. Hair today gone tomorrow you know!