What is this business worth?

I suppose it is worth whatever someone is willing to pay. However, anyone have an idea of a general market value? It is very part time, May-October. 5 days a week May and June, then average 2 days a week July-October. These are times for one man working by himself. Grosses 25K, business is in it’s second year, has a website, and is growing. No equipment included. Purely residential customer list, and website. No contracts of any sort. Is it worth anything?

People can easily build a wc biz that pulls in 25 k a year WITH equipment for $3-$6k
As said without equipment it’s just a customer list
Without recurring customers it’s never worth as much as the seller dreams.
No more thAn $2k if one could get that much

One thing about a customer list is they don’t come cheap.

All the marketing costs to build a large list can be tens of thousands of dollars. If you could get a 1,000 names that probably cost someone 30-50k in marketing for 10-15k it may not be as bad a deal

$500 maybe


if someone took my phone number 3 websites and repeats that call on there own they would be making thousands instantly versus starting from scratch

Too many unknown factors to determine what I personally would pay. With that said, I would say its worth 4-6k and because its just a client list I would say its worth only 4k. I think that is fair price.

if you buy it I would suggest half down and pay out the other half through out the first year and dependant that the client list produces as he says it will. Just my thought.

Im assuming your joking.

People deserve fair compensation for the work they have provided whether they are a employee or a small business owner. We expect people to pay us a fair wage for services we render. Do we really want to adopt an attitude that says its ok to purchase a business for next to nothing? Something about that is immoral.

Fair compensation for both parties.

Just my thought.

Just read op that business worthless

I’ve found it’s just so subjective as is being demonstrated by this discussion. Some say it is worth next to nothing…but I would have gladly paid $4k when I started for it! This is a portion of my business, btw, and it could easily generate much more if I was inclined to make it happen. I overbid all the time because I don’t have the time complicate my life more. Start tomorrow and make an easy $1,000 a week off 3 days. Not a lot for many on here, but for a former warehouse worker…it’s been better than great for me!

But, business is worth what someone wants to pay for it…honestly was thinking it was basically worthless to anyone else…

Yes it can cost $30-$50k to build that customer list however if their not guaranteed repeat customers then the list is not worth that much NO MATTER how much blood sweat and tears the seller has put into it.

Are you selling or just wondering what it’s worth?

What if the price was a cut of the gross from the first year of new ownership of previous owner’s clients? Just curious, and really appreciate the input!

I’m selling because I’m moving to another area. A friend is wants it, and we’re both interested in a market value transaction, if such a thing exists…haha

I’d say it’s probably worth $2-4k if you take the time to introduce the customers to the new buyer. The people have just started to trust you and will take some time to learn to trust the new owner. He will have to work to keep their trust but you introduction will make the transition go smoother. Good luck. Where are you moving to?

As the OP stated, a business is worth what someone will pay for it and that is what I personally would pay. There’s nothing immoral about it. He’s free to take it or leave it. Now if I put a gun to his head and took it and gave him $500 then you’d have a point.

I surely appreciate the kind words. I’m moving to New York.

You won’t regret that move.

I would recommend you guys both sit down and see what is fair for you both. Together you can figure it out and each be satusfied as long as greed takes a back seat :slight_smile:

I was keep up till 3 am with my 7 week old so my math was off. I’d probably pay around $1k

What part are you moving to?