What is wrong with my pure watervset up

The last sat up failed found out it was the pump so replaced it, was working then used this for about 2 hours and now this new pump is shot. I have a garden hose off this that hooks up to my Unger di too my waterfed pole and about 150 ft of tubing. I need a set up where I have enough pressure for 150 ft but can also get more pressure for when I add 200 ft and do hospitals a few times a year. I’ve read you only need like 40 to 80 psi per pole and like 1.2 gpm. Is my pump to high of gpm and burning up when I shut off the univalve to my waterfed pole cuz it is pumping 5.3 gpm with no release. What is happening and how do I fix?

Thanks for chatting man! i hope we got it all squared away! Let me know if I can help any more! 862-312-2026


Jersey to the rescue!

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