What is your average ticket?

When I started my business the first year my average ticket was $136. We now average $275ish per job average, and the jobs we get from the internet average over $300.

What is your average ticket? What are you doing to improve it?

 I implemented a points system for my employees last season and it paid big dividends.  We started rewarding our guys in unique ways just by noticing other opportunities while on the job site.  We also started offering packages like crazy.  Even if someone insists they only want a quote for outside only window cleaning, they get a full quote from us including package options.  This has been HUGE for us.


Offhand I would say somewhere between $350 and $450 average with a 50/50 split of jobs around $250 and jobs around $750.

There really doesn’t seem to be much in between those two numbers. I do get a fair amount of $1k+ jobs, but I find that they are harder to close on. Its really weird how that threshold is so hard to cross.

I hear ya. Our average gets bogged down because we have a handful of tiny weekly accounts. I think I will re-run the numbers without those little accounts. We bid a lot of assisted living homes and they run into the 3-4 K range and even though some of the buildings are filthy, they are tough to actually get on the schedule.