What is your company policy for moving furniture, curtains, blinds inside houses?

Hey everyone,
I am a one man operation. Next year I plan on hiring someone. What is your policy for moving furniture, curtains, blinds, etc in a customers home? I was thinking of having customers open their curtains and raise any blinds before I get there. Some of these houses have so many things in front of the windows. There might be a small bedside table with a lamp, glass vase with flowers and 10 picture frames. Do you have them move any breakables before you get there? I just want to limit the chances of things being broken when I have employees. I appreciate the advice!

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Chad Provost

I have thought about asking them to move knic-knacs and other obstacles from in front of the windows but haven’t so far. BUT, on places where a LOT of obstacles are I plan to ask the homeowner to move them or there will be a charge for this service. A few things, furniture, whatever I’m good with. It’s the excessive stuff I’m not so keen on.

If its not moved we move it and put it back after cleaning the window

I just say, “Before we arrive, I ask that you prepare the windows by removing any items from the glass (suction cups) and move anything that is of value to you: picture frames, urns, vases, etc. We can handle the blinds and assist in moving furniture.”

We don’t mind moving some furniture. I recommend they move anything that may be very delicate. Or Any family heirlooms they may keep next to the windows :slight_smile:

I feel that most furniture only takes a minute or so. And it makes it more of a full service for the home owners

Thanks to everyone for their responses! Your advice is greatly appreciated!

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Chad Provost

A few things I have no prob with.

Excessive stuff Ill charge.

I am afraid to use the word hoarder here (lol)
But I wont get involved in interiors in those houses

Oh my gosh - there is a house on my route that I avoid like the plague. It looks nice from the outside, but from the front step you can see in the porch and front window - major mess everywhere! I don’t even look at it when in the neighborhood.

yeah…dog poop in the yard? fine. do poop in the house? nope.

So what do you tell them when you arrive to a scheduled in/out house and you find out there are small pathways throughout the house?

I have a neighbor accross the street that’s like that, foot wide pathways in each room with stuff stacked waist high. I’ve been in that house once, never again.


How much do you charge for excessive stuff in the ways and do the customers mind paying you for that charge.

Most of the time the customer will say skip it the second I say “extra charge” lol

The most common obstacle I find is air conditioners. Now I chage $25 to take them out and put them in storage, and $40 to take them out and put them back in.

I really like the idea of having them move valuable items away from the windows. I don’t mind moving the heavier items like furniture. It is just the items that cannot be replaced make me nervous every time. For example: I have a customer that purchased 2 lamps while on a trip to Italy. That cannot be replaced! I hold those lamps so tight every time I move them. I know I would feel better letting them move it