What is your favorite window cleaning job?

My favorite house takes me a little under 3 hours in/out at a steady pace and pays well. I wish I had 75 of those types of houses!

There are no cut ups on this house. There is hardly anything to move on the inside or outside. I always look forward to going there every 3 months.

What is your favorite house?

I don’t know if I really have a favorite house, I actually enjoy the variety.

I don’t mind French panes or inserts, they all pay the same at the end of the job.

There are some favorite customers that I look forward to servicing again.


we just did it today, $200, on the river, nice lady, takes us 1.25 -1.75 hours (2.5 -3.5 man hours) and she often tips $40 like she did today and then schedules her next service before we leave.


Any job like today. I/O of 42 panes + 6 french along with a gutter clean at $470. Little over 3-1/2 hours. I was
moving at a good clip since I had another gutter clean for $199 after and it’s Friday. All in all, $669 for 5.5 hours work start to finish. I love this business! :sunny:


House wash ,then
Exterior windows

Love it !!

Even better when they add To it the day of.
Fence cleaning , Trex deck cleaning an Paver patio cleaning. :money_mouth_face:
An still get your other 2 House washes done.
Not done by 12 though chad :sneezing_face:


I love 1 story homes with no screens .


Nothing wrong with working past noon. That just means you are making more money. :grinning: I work past noon sometimes. I just like to be off by noon. That gives me time to do things around the house.


Lakeside home we service every 3-4 months. The owner is nice, always appreciative and it takes me 3.5 hours to make $300-319.


When I do my route work I start @ 6am an home before 1pm. I’m with you Chad I’m at a point where

  1. I don’t do anything difficult any more Ex: Storms
  2. Don’t over book ! 8 hours is enough especially in 90 plus
  3. No Working Saturday’s any more . Estimates on Saturday’s

But occasionally I break the rules. It’s ok the wife don’t mind :ring::nail_care:t3::high_heel::handbag::dress:


The toughest one of the quarter knowing I won’t have to wrangle with it again for 3 months!

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I don’t do it any more but I loved cleaning the windows of the air traffic tower at our local airport.
Easy early morning job, with great views.

That’s the job I was going to say :joy: She is so nice, the view is great and the windows are new.

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