What is your favorite

Window sealant and screen cleaner.

I know this is spread out all over these forums. But I like to hear what kicks-butt for my own use and also for the newer members to voice their opinions.

Really just 1 product for each category is enough

[B]Best window sealant (i.e. like rain x)[/B]

[B]Best screen cleaner[/B]

[B]Best screen cleaner[/B]

I haven’t experimented much to date – I use a combination of Simple Green, Dawn, and water with either a hogs hair brush, standard washer sleeve, and/or sponge.

I never have used sealants of any kind on screens. I’m not sure why they are necessary?

I used Formula 90 to clean them most of last season with great results. This season I think I will try Tide with Bleach Alternative per suggestion on this forum. For years I just used my GG3 or 4 solution and never had a complaint from a customer. But I never really thought they came out perfect that way.

I really think your gonna like Tide w/ bleach “alternative” It is the right direction.
As far as "sealing screens, with them you are hiding the dirt left behind, by inferior cleaning. IMHO why dont the manufacterers send the material out with a “U.V.” protectant? If they did, I would then see a reason for reapplication.

The sealant question was more about glass sealant. However, some screen cleaners say they help protect screens-

Screen Cleaner Gallon
Screen Cleaner by Winsol: (Gallon) Amaze your customers and get that repeat business. Specially developed for cleaning and [B]sealing[/B] vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum window and door screens. [B]Restores and seals[/B] the screen to a new like appearance. [B]Protects against corrosion and prolongs screen life. [/B]

Has anyone dealt with this stuff?

As for window sealant, these are the types I am talking about-

Glass Guardian Protectant
Glass Guardian by Ettore: Kit includes (16 oz. prep and 16 oz. protectant). The best way to prepare and protect glass from hard water stains and chemical corrosion. Creates an invisible protective coating eliminating the need for costly anti-oxidant procedures and eventual replacement of the glass. 16 ounce bottle will cover approximately 1250 square feet. For best results squeegee off the protectant, do not let air dry because clouding may occur.

Invisible Shield Pint
Invisible Shield by Clean-X: 16 oz squirt bottle. Dual action, cleans and shields in one step. To shield windows against the adhesion and build-up of water insoluble soil and make future cleaning easier. Long lasting liquid coating technology for large glass areas to actively repel rain and sprinkler spray and prevent the adhesion and build-up of hard water stains.

If you seal the windows are you eliminating your opportunity to ever use WFP in the future?

What is the ratio of Tide w.b.a to water for the screen cleaner?

no, the sealant last (supposedly) 6 months

a perfect length

…but if you’re using WFP, sealing the windows wouldn’t be worth the time. Why not just clean the windows from the ladder if you’re going to be up there sealing them.


Would you just add RainX wwf to your bucket and consider that the sealing or do you clean, apply, let dry to a haze and polish?

The reference to WFP use would be for future cleanings. The concern is that the sealer would not allow for a spot-free rinse.

I don’t believe Rain-X is considered a sealant up to the standards necessary for 6+ months protection.

I have always had to buff and polish after using any Rain-X product (for example to rid a CCU window of a label “shadow”) subsequent to cleaning.

I personally feel Rain X is not very good for this type of job. (I really am not impressed using it on my car)

I have the winsol and used it once on screens, not windows. My honest opinon is that the product was to time consuming to use. I’m an instruction guy meaning I follow them to the letter. They recommend that when using it for screens, you lay out a tarp and apply it in small circles on the screen. It took me a long time to complete the job and since then I have bumped up the price on that service to $10 per screen and that does not include cleaning of the screens. I have no been back to that house yet this year to see how the screens held up over the winter. As far as glass cleaners go, I am using GG4. I started out with Dawn, then tried sunlight. In the end I just felt that a professional product meant to clean glass was the way to go for me. What I don’t like about the product (I know this is a simple complaint), is the jug it comes in. The cap is not the best in the world. I lost 1/2 gallon of the stuff to the back of my truck. The gallon tipped over just a little, not laying 100% on it’s side, but it was enough for the cleaner to seep out of the jug. Happened a couple of times and now I need to buy a new bottle. Not a big deal but still a rough $30 loss.