What is your favorite

type of bucket?

Matt uses the fancy 20" bucket from Unger and I like the 5 gallon contractor bucket because I always use it as a step stool. I’m not too tall so having that extra foot of reach is huge for many first story windows that need a detailing on the top edge.

The rectangle bucket is great for washing screens if you aren’t going to rinse with a garden hose because it require more dipping your strip washer.

Now we always wash screen in the front yard next to the trailer so the 5 gal bucket works great.

Gotta love the Unger bucket. Being able to submerge the entire strip washer is a huge plus to me.

Strangely, I have more people ask me where I got the cool oblong bucket from then any other tool - other then the WFP.

I use the round 4 gallon bucket by Ettore. Not as deep as a 5 gallon and lighter to carry. I use a rope handle like the high rise guys. The rope is more comfortable on the hands and will last almost forever.

I run with a wide bucket.
I have my guy run with a 5 gallon bucket

I prefer an extra tall 6 gallon round bucket. I can carry 4-5 gallons without it sloshing out and don’t have to bend over as much to pick it up.

I use the rectangle shaped 6 gallon Ettore bucket with the old style grey plastic drain seive. I bought it 4 years ago when I first started out and the thing just won’t tear up.

If it does I’d buy another 6 gallon rectangle bucket. Brand doesn’t really matter to me but the Ettore sure has been well worth the money.

I’d love to be able to buy a bucket that has my company name on it! That would be a wonderful thing for WCR to offer.

Just get some bumper stickers made out with your logo and contact info. My stickers go on more things than you could imagine.

I use both. It depends on the situation. But my fav is my long bucket.

Great idea KC! Thanks!

Professional Window Cleaning Bucket- the long one.

I’d be able to help you with that next week - Shirts and hats also :slight_smile:

Alright! Just fill me in on the details. I’ve already got hats & shirts but others here may be interested in those items.

A bucket with my company name on it would be cool!

PM sent my friend :slight_smile:


Just Kidding
Alberto E.:slight_smile:

I use Pulex with a metal drain sieve and most importantly, a lid :smiley:

I had an Unger too that was good (not worth paying more for)

I stopped using my metal drain sieve in favor of the plastic clips you can get for the Pulex. Don’t think I’ll ever go back.

I got my rectangle bucket from Home Depot $ 16 I think. A Couple of gallons of water go farther in that than it did in a 5 Gal round bucket.

What does this mean?

Send another one!