What is your level of involvement on LinkedIn? Success or fail

I was poking around on LinkedIn today and figured out it’s actual full potential. Just wondering how well have your cold calls using linked in gone? I like the idea of e-mail because it is less intrusive, but thats a problem in itself. Sometimes I just show up and it feels awkward. Do you call before you knock, message, or what? I just closed a really fat fleet job and would like to continue doing so :slight_smile:

You closed it using LinkedIn, Joe?

I just joined a couple of days ago. Found a GM of two dealerships I interviewed for on it from my GMAIL list. They just built i think 2 new dealerships with a lot of glass. Sent her a message so we’ll see.

When I do blogs I post them on Linkedin. I have gotten jobs this way.

I just opened a linkin account about a week ago. I am sure there are benefits, I just haven’t spent the time to mess with it. Any tips I should know? I don’t know a thing about it…

No, that would be way awesome though. That one was by chance. This guy was coming out of 7-11 and saw the signs on my vehicle.

That sounds like a good idea, posting the blog to linkedin. I would like to check that out for sure.