What is your minimum charge?

Just curious what everyone’s minimum charge is for service? I have found implementing a minimum charge to work in my favor many times, what’s your experience?




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Since storefront = no mas,


I will work the price if its within maybe 20 minutes from home base

$75 - 150, dependent upon distance.

Really? So if the customers that live further pay more then wouldn’t the closer customers pay it as well. Why not charge them all the max possible.

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I’m pretty sure Larry has valid reasons, but driving distance plays a roll I’m sure.

Great question. I’ll have to consider that.

That’s pretty much it. I’ve used my $75 minimum, and basically added a $75 “driving distance” fee on top.

I bumped our minimum charge from $125 to $150 last season and haven’t lost a job over it.

This year I started doing $229 minimum for new window cleaning residential customers.

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Now thats what I’m talking about!

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what would be your minimum for repeat residential or residential that’s on an auto schedule, Seth?

Nothing set in stone, but at least $100. I have a handful of customers that call me periodacly to do just a few windows here and there, and three on a monthly schedule. If I’m going out to do the small stuff I have no problem doing a hundred here and a hundred there, but when we have to send out the van with 2-3 employees in it, $229 seems like a fair price to me.

Even the $229 isn’t set in stone for new customers. It all depends where they are located, who referred them and if I c an go do the job without other employees. I may lower it since we’re coming into the slower Summer season, but so far I haven’t lost any estimates because of the $229 minimum, that I know of.

It was $80 now it’s $100. Thanks guys. I work alone and I never travel more than 10 miles away so I can live with $100. :slight_smile:

$120.00 Its making me a lot more than when my min charge was $42.00 3 years ago!

Please tell me that that experience is going to result in a 2011 price increase again.

Love it.

How is it working out for you so far, Seth?

I really hope every WCR member reads this.

Awesome, Colm.

Have you encountered any price resistance?