What is your process for aproaching "the new kids on the block" (New buildings)

What is the process that has proved to be the most successful for you, from the time you see a new building under construction to printing up the agreement?

I can’t imagine you just walk up into the building. It would be filled with contractors. On the other hand, if you wait until the doors open then chances are you will be too late…



The builder will have a mobile office onsite.

Yeah, but they are just another contractor. Not the hiring party.

Or are you talking about the builder as in the person who is having the building built (the owner)?

The “builder” is the general contractor hired by the building owner to oversee construction and the subcontractors involved.

The building will require require cleaning after construction is completed (and/or during, dependent upon situations.)

A property manager or independent tenants will require maintenance cleaning after post construction cleanup.

Let’s not candy coat it, 8 mile.

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In my experiences - I just keep a close eye on when they open their doors, then go in and talk with the owner/manager.

I haven’t had much luck with builders in my area. Their main concern is getting it built and most of the time aren’t too concerned about the windows. They are also pretty good price seekers and as Tommy Lee Jones said “I don’t Bargain”

If it’s the builder you’re going after (which is opposite for me) they are most likely going to already have some poor schmuck that was to hungry to say no to the dumb price.

Just my opinion and I’m sure every area is different. But this is right on for mine.

With that said, we do however have several of the bigger construction company’s in town. We do their headquaerters on a routine basis. But they have never asked us to bid some of the buildings they put up.

Why haven’t you asked them for the opportunity to bid projects?

Good question Larry. I am not sure why.

Maybe instincively I have avoided this because I don’t want to scare them with my Construction clean Pricing ($12 a pane) - While most company’s in my area do cons. clean for $8 to $10 per pane. I don’t want to rock the boat - My customer could easily compare my price with one of these cheaper company’s and get the idea maybe they should get a bid for their office too. These monthly accounts are primo (price wise)


Maybe it’s gone un-noticed and I should persue some of these in the future.

What do you guys think?

yeah I guess I was also thinking the builder wouldn’t give two hoots. Im looking at it from the maintenance side, so I was thinking of how and when you guys approach the owner of the building.

I suppose going through the contractor wouldn’t be a bad in though. If you talked to the contractors and told them that you would give them a good deal if they made it known to the building owner who was doing it. Then that would be a good in for you to the owner.

Perhaps education will be important to a few contractors. Show them you are well-informed on proper cleaning of that nature and that you will do the job right. Which is a benefit to them. In my experience seeing building projects around here, few do give a hoot about anything but getting it done on time and ripping off some hapless local window cleaner who doesn’t know all that’s involved.
As one of my friends says, “If you throw enough mud against a wall, some of it will stick.” You’ll likely find some company you can deal well with.

Does anybody have any other method than this? It just seems like it would be too late by this time but I guess idk for sure.

Normally in my area they like to go with a regular maintenance company that does the entire building, unless It’s something they can’t get to then they will bring me in, which is rare. They normally want the cheapest price, so I don’t even waste my time going after them. I work with one maintenance company that wins some bids with a bigger contracter company, and they will have me do most all the 2nd story windows and up.

right on.

Ill walk right into the building especially if all the contractors are in there, theyre usually very willing to point me to the right person or give me a name/number who I can call. Dont wait until its open, theyll already be cleaned.

yeah thats what Im thinking too. Thanks.

I’m with Sharen,

I walk in and talk to the Contractor to get the new construction clean, then when they see the job we do, I always ask for a business contact of the person over the building maintenance.

Generally they will always give it to you, because that is another straw in their hat, (Mr. Building owner, I know you have alot going on with getting settled in, moving offices etc., so I wanted to give you the name of the company who did the initial clean on the glass, that way you wont have to worry about looking for someone for the maintenance, we used A-1 Window Washers to do the initial clean, and they would like to talk to you about the regular maintenance clean also).

I cant tell you how many times this scenario has happened, and then the contractor always calls us back on his new buildings also. Just remember, if you want to get a job, go get it!! These people are super busy, they really don’t have time to look for companies, go get in there face often, and let them know you are out there and ready!!


Well said!!!