What keeps you busy?

When it rains? We been kind of having over cast weather for the past week and well since then My phone has not even ringed!

i’m in a competitive settlers of catan league, so…

Doesn’t really rain here. :frowning: If it ever did I may or may not do outside new const windows. Maybe the rain would help loosen the gunk up. If nothing to clean I would probably tinker with my WFP stuff, maybe make some DI water, reorganize my kit. Usually come up with some stupid modification to try out.

That looks like its similar to ‘Civilization.’

Like the new avatar… Go Tigers!
Sanchez is SICK tonight!

For reals. Pitch count is unfortunate though. Jobbed in innings 1 and 2.

I was kidding about the board game league… Though that game is really fun.

Caleb first love the Avatar great game nervous when they brought Al Al in though. now max and jv got to love the way it got set up :slight_smile:

Eat um up tigers

Rain and thunderstorms here starting at 10:00 last night and continuing through today and tonight. More coming Tuesday and Wednesday. Woke up at my usual 5:00 AM and water had started coming in under wall of bedrooom. 1" in garage. Went out and unclogged french drains and saved rest of house. Called neighbors and woke them up, same in their houses. 9-11" so far. No work for a few days except sleaning up and checking french drains for clogs.

I was going out today due to schedule issues but it’s pouting out!!! (that’s pouring… Gotta love spell check)
We need the rain so sitting on the back stoop in the rain as I post this!!!
Nothing beats the feel of rain after a extended dry spell.

Planning, testing, experimenting with sales/marketing of some sort. Seems like even when it rains in the summer time, my to do list is never quite complete. We are expecting rain tues, so I usually will plan at least 2 hours to be in the field doing bids. Rain slows down business at most establishments too, so managers are bored and are more willing to chat.

Also, right now is prime time for gutter cleaning marketing. Even if its just flyering for as many hours a day as you can make time.

Rain+ Oct/Nov= $$$$$

if you have the man power to take on larger ( 4 digit accounts) gutter cleaning jobs, you’d be very supprised on how many residential property managers wait until last minute to accept proposals for gutter cleaning.

Hey you are up at 5AM too. LOL. Thought once I retired from Uncle Sam I would be able to sleep in. NOT! Anyway, it poured a bit last night but like this force field around Killeen to Cove nothing today. It just gets near and goes around. Hits you or Gatesville, Lampassas, or Temple. If we get any tomorrow I have to do 2 new const OSW so getting out the rubber boots and get an old large rubbermaid to pull the kit around the house like a sled. Gotta love the mud. We might of got less than 1/2" but to us that is like 4".

That funny you said Gatesville i went there many many moons ago to visit a friend with my wife we got there late nite and when we woke up there was a flood around the whole housing area that we where in but the funny thing there was a cow stuck in our buddys back yard half way up it legs because of the flood. so the rancher,my buddy and myself were out there at 5:30 in the morning saving the cow and my buddy looks at me laughing and says WELCOME TO TEXAS CITY SLICKER…Thanks for bring back that great memory [MENTION=30474]Jackllfixit[/MENTION]

I’m not kidding you. I pull the map up and watch these clouds, especially coming from the west. It hits Lampassas and goes around us either north or south. If it looks like it is almost on us it just fizzles out. Water does not soak well into the Caliche here so any bit just drains off. Little bit of good rain causes flooding. You are welcome for a good memory.

I am cleaning today come Heck or high water. LOL wearing high waters to keep pants out of mud and rubber boots. Gonna have to PW the porches and garage anyway…

Again, work keeps me busy. Huge rain cloud moving thru. Naturally or unnaturally it is going right past us. No , couldn’t be just a bit more south. the force field is up again. Maybe there is some sort of weather machine on Ft Hood that repels these storms.



Oh yeah…:wink:
Boy is it coming down in buckets.
[B][COLOR=#006400][FONT=comic sans ms][I]Wink, Wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more.[/I][/FONT][/COLOR][/B]