What kind of gloves are you using?

Curious as to what type of gloves everyone uses in the winter months ?

I find the Alaska mitts to be the best for really cold weather. They are actually ice fishing mitts, so they are water proof, the outside rubber shell is rough enough that you can still grip a metal pole, and even use it as an abrasive scrubber if something is hard to get off the window.

Also i like the fact that they are loose fitting, that way you can take them off very easily/quickly, which i find i need to quite a bit during the day, and if its really cold you can stick an additional set of mittens inside them.

I use the same but in the glove version., If my hands get cold in that, then it is too cold to be out.

I’ve heard many folks recommend waterproof Ironclad® Cold Condition® gloves.

I have the gloved versions of those. I don’t think they’re as warm as the mitts because your finger are close to each other to keep each other warm. with the mitts

I have a pair of the Iron Clad cold weather, They work ok got them several years back. Used them in the Denver/Boulder area. We would sometimes start at 5 am at around 0 degrees (stupid I know), by the time we got to a job it would be a little warmer then that. My hands always stay cold so I would have a few different types to wear during the day, after the first pair got wet.

I ordered mine from Northern Tool.


I use the Aleutian gloves. They’re great when the tempature is down around freezing or so, but I havn’t ever used them below that. I’m sure it would help if you used a liner for extra insulation.

The thing I like about them is you don’t lose motion in your hands. You really can’t tell you’re wearing them. I even tied my shoe with them on yesterday morning.

I was somewhat impressed with myself for the rest of the day…

I use the Aleutian [COLOR=#016798]gloves[/COLOR] as well. They’re almost as flexible as bare hands. If they’re not warm enough for me it’s because it’s to cold to be washing windows. Around 25 degrees for me. Buy a tube of glove repair goop. The index finger will wear out first and can be repaired with a sealant. I forget the name. Most window supply houses sell it.

Seal Skin’s all the Way!!

[FONT=Verdana]Yes, even more dexterity than the Aleutian [COLOR=windowtext]gloves[/COLOR] but not as warm.[/FONT]

Whatever gloves you are using try this - take a hand warmer packet and place it in the wrisband of the glove either on top of your wrist or the bottom of the wrist (depending on how sensitive you are). This warms the blood flowing to the fingers and helps to keep them warmer on the coldest of days. Occasionally you’ll need to take the packet out to expose it to the air so it regenerates heat.

I buy Paddle Glover or Hunters Gloves from Canadian Tire or Wall Mart.

They are the same as divers gloves but about $20 cheaper. Cost is from $15-25 at either place. Thick Neoprene with full finger and palm rigged rubber so lots of grip. Very warm except in Feb, then I get the larger set and wear a thing inner glove, but then by that time it is about -15 to -20 Celsius