What’s your preferable size mop & squeegee pole?

I need a little help.

I had an 18ft 3 section Unger that I left at a job site today and when I went back to retrieve it the pole was gone. So before I rush out and purchase a replacement I was looking for recommendations. Please take into account that I am not currently running a water fed pole DI set up. Not really trying to bid big commercial jobs just yet but I will still need it for some store fronts as well as two story homes. Thanks in advance.

Garelick for us here. Had two, someone didn’t attach one to the rack correctly. (Cough Me) It rolled off in the street, few cars that morning, drove around it chuckling at me. Then a city bus flattened it.

I immediately bought another one. IMHO they are among the best poles out there. I personally like them because they don’t have a tightening knuckle to find and adjust. You just turn the pole wherever you happen to be holding it, saves time. Also, when switching tools, just lift your arms at an angle at the entire 24’ will slide through your fingers and in 1 second your holding the head of the pole. Again, saves time, where with many Trad poles you’d have the knuckles to mess around with hand over handing it up and down.

They have em right here on WCR too; convenient.:+1:t3:

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I suggest buying the Gardiner CLX 27’, or something similar, I realize that you are not in the WFP game yet, but, its lighter and stiffer than an aluminum pole, and if/when you get into WFP you wont have to go out and buy a 2nd pole.

I just swap out the brush for a trad tip when not using the water fed.

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Two piece Unger eight footer for most storefronts. Every window cleaner should own a 30 ft Unger tele plus pole.


Thanks guys. I appreciate the help. :+1:

And practice with it. Backflips don’t seem that heavy even full of water in your hand, but up on that pole, they can get squirrelly pretty quickly if you aren’t familiar with the flex/wobble.

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Perhaps this Unger training video will help. They start talking about the three meter pole at 7:48. Hope it helps.

More instructions on working at height 7:00 in on this video in same training series.

I never use the top two sections. Fifteen feet is about all I ever need. I pass on all the high stuff now. Haha


@Trenchfeet Forgive me for being ignorant to window cleaning terminology but I assume your not referring to actual backflips?

A double sided squeegee/mop combo?

yes, like this: https://windowcleaner.com/ettore-brass-backflip

Nah, I figured it out myself w/o having to file claims with my insurance, thanks though. Not that big of a deal, just something for total noobs to keep in mind.