What Scares You Most?

Running a business can be very scary. We rely 100% on what we do to survive.

I know a lot of you are doing well, but you have fears also. Feel free to answer the poll too.

I fear my health Insurance bill doubling or tripling each year as it has…

I am very bothered when there is not enough work on the schedule. If I was a sole proprietor I think I would be happy to catch a little break.

With a staff… I worry there wont be enough work and I will have to lay people off. It causes a vicious circle… Slow lay off —> Busy re hire because staff left for more steady work. etc… etc… etc…

Winter is the worst for us. I am lucky in some ways. Some of my guys take vacation and others get part time jobs. Winter is something I always stress over. Works slows and the bills stay the same. bills bills bills.

Steady work for me. This month has been the only month that I havent had a significant increase in income from the previous months and its been depressing me. (I know, we still have 8 days to go - fingers crossed)

I haven’t had a winter yet but I plan on getting another part-time job anyways.

well out here in So cal, i stay busy 10 months(Residential only) out of the year, but if i really wanted too i could work year round and the temp never goes below 59 during the day

I think steady year long work is my biggest concern. More so with the shaky economy.

A Republican in the White House.

I was just wondering how many of you work in the snow and cold conditions. Winter in New Mexico can get cold so its not uncommon for me to work in below freezing temps and in two feet of snow. I am curious to see who are the die hard slave drivers dealing with snow and who just kicks back with a cup of hot chocolate?

I think Eric Rivest of Crazy Clean is the most die hard. It can get down right chilly in Northern Ontario, Canada.

Myself, we don’t get a lot of snow in Toronto (last year being a notable exception) but It can get chilly. There are usually a few days every winter where with the wind chill it gets down to -30Celcius.

I work every week in the winter, since I’m an all commercial guy. So I soldier thru the winter months. I do take more coffee breaks in the winter, but on the sunny winter days it’s not so bad.

The winter bugs me as well as people are less receptive to having their windows cleaned. Many customers have told me not to come because there was some snow and ice out and I am like I REALLY don’t mind (as I need the cash OK) but they see it as a liability, me getting hurt and suing them or something I guess. AH!! Washington DC metro -Cities full of lawyers.