What should I spend my money on?

I can’t tell what business that is… But it wasn’t me! Haha. We only have 4 cleaners total atm.

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Flyers it is!

I actually already have a short 28th my company name.


A website is crucial.

If you go for a $200 website, just remember that you get what you pay for,


And as @SqueegeeNinjaNJ told me, be careful of web designers that FIND YOU.


I spend around $250 for two years of hosting/building/emails, then another $30ish for owning my website address… I learned how to create my own website how I want, when I want and to my liking without having to relay my ideas back and forth between someone else’s brain.

For me this works great, I have some terrible OCD and most likely some control issues in my business.

I like to use my website just as a reference point, I have every service that I offer, “news”, any promotion I’m offering, reviews, contact page with a form to request all work and when completed I get an email to my request email address to follow up on the work.

I don’t rely heavily on my website for anything other than being a place where people can see photos and learn a little bit about my business. I like to be out using door hangers/fliers to drum up new leads.

If you’re not into going out and getting work and want to rely on your website for the majority of your customer traffic then I would spend a lot more on SEO and a more professional looking website.

*also when it comes to my estimates, I have a price sheet for EVERYTHING and I can put together an estimate on the spot most of the time. I always ask the customer for an email address so I can 1)have that form of contact 2)send them an official estimate that I use my CRM software to create and send to them that night or the following day


I had super helpful beginnings.

I went and spent some dough on brass squeegees 12" & 18", boab, bucket, belt, washer/t-bar, and some hucks. I played on my slider for a while to get a decent fan going, and suddenly a local veteran of 35 years wanted to hire me. I took the job, and learned storefront before finding a newly purchased company who’s owner wanted to help me on the residential side to start my own gig (this is rare).

Surviving the winter with some sub-work, and my clients. I don’t have a website yet, and have some stuff saved, but need more photos of myself working lol.

My main source of residential is from doing nice restaurants. I clean the interior before they open, and do the exterior when people are walking in; then they see your and ask for your card… Here’s the trick: Right before you give them the card (make sure they see your cards in some card thing), ask their name, introduce yourself, and ask for their address and number for a free on-site estimate. Make sure they’re home when you do the estimate and you will increase your chances of landing it more than 80% if you do it right. I bid high, so being on-site is big. Also, make sure you’re not in a ‘negotiation’ scenario with any home-owner… especially if the situation involves the stay-at-home-wife/husband who isn’t making monetary decisions.

Offer in/out, Out w/ partial interior, etc. but don’t waver on price. Do you go to a fast food joint in a rush and ask for a discount because you’re a regular?

I went off on a tangent. If you already have a ride and gear, change your rubbers out more than the company you work for. :wink:

For ladders, I started with a 3-fly Werner 27’ weird ladder that I added adjustable feet to, and a 4’ step. I put the ext. ladder on top and 4’ inside.

When it comes to marketing stuff, I’m decent at CRM for a solo-op I guess. I run on referrals and give restaurant owners small gifts and cards, current customers holiday cards, etc. Talk to your clients and prospective customers as potential friends, not someone you want money from. It works.

I should start working on more web stuff and fliers… I’m 3 years in though, so that tells you a bit about how I got started.


i’m quoting this whole thing because it’s one of if not the best advice i’ve seen on this forum for startup… so @Fredled if you brushed over it the first time read it again.
@WVWindowWashing nice post daniel


Wow, Ken. Coming from a vet like you… I’m honored. Thank-you.