What size hose for tucker

I currently have tucker set up pole, reel. 300 ft 3/8 hose. Can I go with smaller diameter hose to lighten up hose reel? Maybe 1/4? thanks Bill

The flow thru a 1/4" line is about 1/2 of what you would get thru 3/8" line. If you can get at least .5 gpm thru 1/4" it will take 153 lbs off your reel.

I’d leave the first 150ft of hose at 3/8" and then step down to 1/4" for the last 150ft. Of course I have to go 4 stories on a couple of jobs. I worry about losing flow by going 1/4 all the way. Or is it a real issue? Bill?

It is just a pain to drag the hose around.

Sorry Bill I was asking Bill WCR if I didn’t need to worry about the flow issue.

I use 300 ft of 1/4. Have for years and have been very successful. The hose is much easier to work with, lighter and less likely to trip someone. I use the Simpole with fan jets and the water flow is good up to 4 floors. My van delivery system is a surflow 100 psi pump.

you lose 10 psi for every 100’ on the ground and 10 psi for every story you go up regardless of the size of the pipe.

John what type of 1/4 hose also is the pump in your van 12 volt?

300’ of 1/4" line will hold 14.7 gals of water. that is 122 lbs

300’ of 3/8" line will hold 33.1 gals of water. that is 275 lbs

300’ of 1/2" line will hold 58.9 gals of water. that is 490 lbs

Got it on ebay.uk.com called microbore. I have a 12v pump

So I could switch to 1/4" and save some weight and not sacrifice anything. Thanks Bill!