What size ladder should i buy?

Ladders aren’t cheap so i want to buy one to get me by for now. Need something for two story houses. I have a Cosco world best combo ladder and a little 3 ft. ladder. Need something bigger. Should i get a 24 ft. ladder? 20?

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I have a 20’ and a 24’.

I hardly use my 24’ ladder though, being most 2nd story windows are only about 15’ to 17’ high.

I would recommend getting a fiber glass ladder(that is what i have). sure they are a little bit heavier, but you don’t have to worry about scuffing up walls or getting your hands all black from the aluminum ladders.

You use the 20’ ladder more? There is a 20’ ladder on craigslist for $75 near me. I might have to pick it up.

What’s the terrain like? Are properties around those 2-story homes sloping? Do they become the equivalent of 3-story?

I have a 24-foot aluminum Type I (250#) Werner that serves me well.

Any ladder requires a stabilizer or mitts to prevent scuffing – the aluminum ladders have plastic end caps like the fiberglass. I appreciate the lighter weight of aluminum versus fiberglass. I have never had an issue with aluminum oxidation blackening my hands.

On occasion, I will use my 21-foot Werner multi-purpose ladder in a-frame configuration for second-story work.

ys, a 20’ ladder is correct my man

I have a little giant that is awesome. I drive a Scion XB (the toaster car) and I just pull my back two seats down and stick it in. Great for 2nd story jobs and smaller jobs too. If you’re space concious, this is good…if you have a lot of space get a Werrner Fiber Glass or aluminum. Being that I have no space and enjoy 35MPG in my car and don’t really want to buy a truck at this present moment, a telescopic compact ladder it is.

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Purchased my Werner 24-foot Type I at Lowe’s recently for $105 (replaced an old 24’ Type III that I sold on CL for $40.)


I agree with what the guys are saying about 20’ and 24’ ladders and how often they use each. I have very similar experiences. If you are looking for just one ladder to save on $$, then look for an aluminum 28’ that is not the heaviest grade. Be sure that it is rated for enough though. I recommend this size because it is tall enough in most cases to use without extending at all, yet it does have the reach to get to that high second or third floor dormer that a little giant just wont get too. As well, it is still small enough and lightweight that one can carry it on their truck. If you don’t have a truck, they still sell some sectional ladders to window cleaners at some cleaning suppliers.

I always use my 20 footer occasionally the 28 footer and rarely the 40 footer, I dont think I have ever used the 40 for windows either just gutters.

All of my ladders are werner aluminum now, My first ladder was a 28 foot fiberglass and after quite a few sets I realized that it would make more sense to use the lighter aluminum ones.

I have Werner 20’, 24’, and 28’ extensions. I never use the 24.

Before I acquired my WFP setup I used the 20’ and the 28’ on most all 2nd and 3rd story homes. Still do on some first cleans that I choose not to WFP.

The 20’ will get you up to most 2nd story (residential) windows but not all of them. The 28 will get you up to most 3rd story (residential) windows.

The 28’ will get you up to 2nd story gutters but not 3rd story.

All of our guys carry a 4’ step and 16’ extension with the ajustable legs. we use the 16 more than the 24. depending on the house and where it’s at we will have a 24 or 28 with us. I can say I have never tried a 20’ but have always wanted to.

If I needed to just have 1 ladder… I would carry only a 32’

High windows here… + it would allow me to get to most gutters for cleaning.

I bought a Werner 28’ Type 1A fiberglas many years ago and think it was a great decision. It’s a tiny bit heavy, but I never worry about it being unsafe. If you can reach 7 feet or higher from the ground you can raise it up and down with your own strength and balance. Of course the Little Giant is the bomb; sometimes I don’t even need my 28 for days!

What i use mostly… Is my Cosco … And then i Have a 24 ft ladder… To be honest i cant remember the last time i used my 24 ft . Most new houses that i seem to do all the windows … Inside and outside can be done from inside:cool: