What size wagtail?

What size wagtail do you that have used them for a while suggest I get?

I’m thinking the 14 would be easiest to actually fan with? But I may be wrong!

both the 14" and the 18" fan well on a pole. For hand work you might want to go 14". I like all sizes and even have a 9" custom

I agree, start with the 14". Ask Mark what his pet name for the 9" is. :slight_smile:

I have a 30" Wagtail flipper. If you’re cleaning bigger windows go for the 18"

I call him Zippy!

Mark, you are a trip.:slight_smile: Eh. I wish that you truly understood the positive impact that you, your posts, your mods, and your videos have had on me developing my business and I can’t believe it was only me.

Yo mark de. Wanted to see you use the 9" in your next video :wink:

You must have missed this post from a few days ago.

i use a 14 inch, and for storefronts a 20
i don’t fan much but when in the mood the 20 fans just as good as the 14

What’s the best way to make a large flipper style squeegee. I like straight pulls if possible but the 18in flipper is a little small.

It may seem a little small - but it’s lightning quick & less chance of leaving drag marks if you cut in on the top edge first. I’m guessing you’re using it for pole work?

I bought a 24" combi, two 12" flipper pads (the yellow ones) and three clips designed for the 18". Made a nice squeegee for huge high rise panes. Cut my drop time by 30% on one job.

I use 14" and an 18" slimline as my daily drivers for residential and commercial. I have a custom 20" slimline made with a Steccone channel for some storefront accounts.

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I found the 14" wagtail to be best for most of my work - there’s always going to be jobs that suit bigger or smaller, but I reckon the 14" was the size I used for 95% or more of my jobs.

If a job calls for the wagtail I use the 14" combi most of the time. I have an 18" flipper but it’s only for huge windows. I’m a lot faster with the 14" for sure

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depends on whether you do residential or commercial. my crew and i do only residential for the most part and we each use a 13" [cut down from 14] , actually its cut a fraction under 13" ,as 13 exactly is bad luck

Yes Sir…

14 and 16" Combi’s in hand and on the pole. I just can’t seem to get a comfortable feel with the 18".

Almost two years old, I know.

Does anyone else think that wagtail seem to burn up the rubber faster? I went through a whole blade (both sides on approximately 230 storefront panes. Granted the glass is bigger but geez. Ettore 18" rubber btw.

Rubbers cheap, how much money did that one piece of rubber make you.

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200 bucks more or less. Just seems to burn up quick. Price of doing business I guess.