What soap do you use?

Just curious what soap everyone uses and why they use it. I personally have been using a little Joy with some Unger Easy Glide. I’m not thrilled. Someone suggested using easy glide so I tried it. I’m looking for something better.

So why do you use the soap that you use?

(And please, no soap wars :slight_smile: )

Hey John

In my company we basically use a janitorial soap called wondersuds.

When I worked alone or with just a few people we always used gg4 and gg3.

Old school - Palmolive for me.

I have always used dawn, the last couple years I’ve been mixing it with Ettore’s soap and I really liked it. Then with the latest round of the soap wars I decided to try GG4, and I was surprised byhow much more I like it. Although I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks now, so I’m still messing around with it. The slip in it is better than I thought it would be. I also thought that I would really need more suds, but I found that it is fine, this last week I tried a quick squirt of dawn to add a little bit more sudsing.

I also filled one bucket with the gg4 and another with my dawn/ettore mix so that if I was out cleaning and didn’t like how I was doing with the gg4 I could go back to my other stuff. That way I could experiment around, and if I didn’t like the way it was going I wouldn’t be frustrated all day.

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I have been using GG4 for about 3 years now. I love the results but wanted more glide. I started a thread on this forum a few months ago. I was hoping that someone could direct me to something that would add some glide but NOT CHANGE the performance of the product. I saw what I was looking for on a UK forum. Now, I add just a very small amount of Dawn to my GG4 solution. [/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I use a very exact amount. I add 1/2 oz. to a one quart bottle of water, an old GG4 bottle. I fill my float bottle from that quart bottle and use the same dilution ratio as GG4. 1/2oz. per 2 gallons of water. Works great for me. Much much better than adding extra GG4. :cool:[/FONT][/COLOR]

I use 1 part GG3 one Part GG4 with a drop of dawn and a drop of palmolive. I thne add ammonia and some super glide and two drops of goat urine.

This has worked the best for me in all my years of cleaning:D

Kidding I use ABC Glisten.

GG3 and Dawn when I run out of GG3. I have been using GG3 since it came out on the market.

I too am a Dawn man. Sometimes when I run into very dirt or oily substances on the glass I add a 1/2 teaspoon of Tri-Sodium-Phosphate. The commercial name is Pink Wall Wash. But don’t use too much, it dries out your hands.

I’ve heard good things about *** Glisten.

I’ve tried using GG3, and I really WANT to like it, but I have problems with it.

The major problem is the whole glide issue. I’ve played with various amounts of GG3 to give it more glide, and it just doesn’t work. I don’t like overworking.

Another problem, although not very major, is I’d like to see more suds. Not a terrible amount of suds, but I think the customer likes to see suds. It’s a well known scientific fact that suds clean.

Last and least, I don’t like the way it smells. Smells like an old man’s aftershave.

  • About the glide issue, I know I could add dawn or some other “glide” surfactant, buy why don’t I just use dawn then?? *

Hey Cris,
So you know all about GG4.:cool:
I’m wondering why did you switch to wondersuds?:smiley:

Dawn, Joy, and Palmolive work just fine. I think you guys are over analyzing this topic a little too much. :wink:

Dawn or Sunlight (which ever is on sale ;))and Lemon scented ammonia

Not sure where to get that…

So what I heard about gg3 and 4 is true… it doesn’t glide well.
hmm…that would be a problem for me. I suppose that I could use a drop or two of dawn to help it glide better, but is it worth it? Does it really clean that well?

And ***Glisten, how well does it handle dirt that’s been on the window for 6 months or better? And how well does it glide? And can I buy it here at WCR?

Chris, I’m also curious why you switched to wondersuds (besides the obviously cool name :wink: )? And if that’s what you’re using, why don’t you stock it? If you do, why can’t I find it (other than the fact that I’m stupid :D)?

“Kidding I use *** Glisten.”

Please excuse my french. It was not my intention to offend anyone with my vulgarness. Sometimes these things slip. I do offer my sincerest apologies.

Not sure where to get that…

You can get it at *** :slight_smile:

more soap discussions…YEAH!!!

I started getting the wonder suds because its cheap, and the employees using soap just waste to much of it…

We go through maybe 300 gallons of soap a year.

300 gallons of gg4 / gg3 = $11,400

300 gallons of wondersuds = $3,000

It all comes down to $

As I said, If I worked by myself or with a small crew I would use gg4.

and yes *** is a curse word around here. I cant in any way promote a company that does the things they do.

Will WCR be carrying this additive?

Only if you got the goats bud