What time do you start your resi jobs?

What time do you generally start scrubbing your first residential window?

I usually start around 9AM (catching up on e-mails, paper work and the forums between 7:00-8:00)

With the warmer weather coming I’m thinking of starting as early as possible and leaving all the e-mails and paper work til late in the day.

We are usually on site by 6-7 am

for residential im there anywhere from 8am-9am…depends on what the client will allow.

What time do your guys wrap up for the day?

Ya, sometimes I start around 8 AM and the clients are like, “oh, that’s early” but that’s mostly on Saturdays.

Hey, Crazy, haven’t seen you on the boards much lately. I guess that means you’re really busy. :wink: Good stuff!

Usually 4-6 there wrapped up

I start at 9am and rap it up around 3:30-4:00pm

That’s what im talking about the good ol “Bankers Hours”:smiley:

Hey Craig, all you have to do is become a one man show like Troy and i, then you can work 5 or so hours a day and still make some killer $$$$$$$$$$

Define Killer.

Is this 5hrs of billable time? Does this include estimates, marketing, invoicing, etc.???

Flying solo I may only spend 6 hours holding a squeegee… but I spend another 4 hours daily trying to maintain the flow of work and keeping organized.

Just me… Maybe you know something I don’t. l

I do not Market my business anymore, i have not advertised in the past two years, the only really advertising i do is with my website(btw my website is ranked #1 on the major search engines), I answer my phone when i am on all job sites. I usually only do 2 jobs per day. So the 5 hours per day includes drive time and lunch, but i usually eat in my truck between jobs.

Hope this helps.

Well Folks I Start About 10am As I Find That My Clients Are Free To Talk And There By Ensure Customer /window Washer Frindship,


I start at 9am, but I like starting at 8am when possible. I want to start earlier and end earlier.

My customers are usually wide awake, even at 8am. (their kids on the other hand…)

That’s the problem for sure. I’m always getting directed to which rooms I can do first because of late sleepers. Sometimes even in the middle of the day! :eek:

Thats completely insane. That exact scenario drives me up the wall. Its understandable when its like 7am but mid day…? come on

I may go rant about this in another thread.
Thanks for setting me off

Last week man. 1 single mom and 4 teenage daughters. All drama queens. I thought I’d never get out of there. :mad:

Been there. NOTHING worse.

After all the years I have been cleaning windows (very early in the morning) I think I have seen it all.

But people never cease to amaze me.

To keep on topic, I really prefer working early in the morning.

-No traffic on the way to the first job.
-Its not too hot outside yet
-And you can complete one more job for the day

I guess I’m just an early riser though

You guys are starting residential work this early?

Depending on size of house and how many we have in one day we start between 7:45-8:45.

I’ve had a few customers over the years actually get mad at me for arriving early. One guy made me wait outside his house for 20 minutes once before I could go inside to remove the storm windows. He wouldn’t even let me start on the first floor to avoid the bedrooms. That was years ago when I was just getting started.

For years I would show up at the Bob Evans by 5am. My Burger Kings you can start outside at the same time. I have somebody else caring for that part of the route now. But for 8 years I was an early bird. The nice thing is that one man by 10am could have $275.00-$300.00 under his belt and the day hadn’t even started yet. Then it is time for residential’s, Or corporate offices.

The other day I had to go into two rooms that had teenage girls in them sleeping because they were out late partying the night before and didn’t want to get up… so the mother just told me to go in and do them anyways. I thought they were going to wake up and start screaming bloody murder at me. Everything went cool but it could have ended in a bad lawsuit or something crazy like that.