What time do you start your resi jobs?

Yeah man we are busy… People decide they would rather take an appointment that time of day or wait a month for an appointment. Im up at 430 everyday so I would be cool with someone being in my house by 6

That’s funny. The house I did with 4 teenage girls was crazy. One kept balling her eyes out because her boss (a friend of Mom’s) called and told her she had to work this weekend, another lost her mp3 player and was bitchin to Mom about it. All the rooms were a total mess. Clothes and beauty supplies all over the floor. I got real nervous as I had to kick away some of their intimates away from the window sill. Yeah, things could really go the wrong way and I’m sure it does for some less reputable guys out there.

My crew fluctuates on this.

Sometimes 6:45 am, sometimes 8:30, sometimes 10 am or later, depending on the clients preferences.

My teams start at 8am and we’re done by 5pm. We don’t like cutting in on the customers family time.

Our crews are at the first job between 8:00 and 8:30. They usually work until 5:00 or 6:00pm. I book a minimum of $1000.00 per day per crew so sometimes they run an hour or so later at night to get the jobs done. Gotta get the work in this time of year while the days are longer. We don’t have the luxury of this much daylight in the fall and winter and everyone wants their windows done TODAY!!!

It depends if there’s any good surf coming up in the oncoming weeks. I have 2 routes that I’m at the job at 5am and finished by 10am-ish. If there are some good waves then I do those routes. Then i’m in the water. I like to be done ASAP. I wish I could start everyday at 5am. I have this sleep thing were I can get only 4 hours of sleep and feel great.
The early routes are gas stations until 7 or 8.

Since you are talking about route work. When I first started doing route 5 years ago I started at 10 or 11AM. But during the last few months that I did route for the franchise I had. I started working at 6AMish. But once I have coffee, it feels good to start work that early. Then I have the luxury of finishing work at 1PM or 2.

But I know this thread is for resi start times so sorry for continuing the hijacking of the topic. :slight_smile:

We are at our first residential no later than 8am, we start our commercial at 6am for the of cycle week jobs first: (outsides only), then we hit the rest once the business are open or some one is in the building. This work best for me. I only have 2 crews. And I m always on one of them till at least lunch time, then its time for office work, and new quotes. but business has been slow lately???:frowning: , so it seems I’ve been out some times till we wrap for the day at 3 or 4.

i’m new and starting out and would love all the info on window cleaning. 1 man crew sound good guys. do you guys work in the winter

We start commercial around 5am and do the first resi at 7am sharp, second resi gets started around 10, and we are usually done by 1.

Its been pushing 100 degrees for the last week or so here in Austin. and I can’t keep enough water around. It just gets to hot here to work through the afternoons.

Guys show up at 7:30 and at the first job around 8 am and work till 4-6. We used to show up at office at like 9 and be at the first job at like 9:45. That was just costing me too much money and now can fit in another job into the day.

Between 8-12 and 12-4. We try and do two homes in the 8-12 time slot and 2 in the 12-4 time slot. Lunch falls in there somewhere. Works pretty good for us.

i work with a guy in Nuremberg who got caught speeding 140 Km in a 50 km zone . thats what i heard… well he s lost his driving license for one year and because of this i have had to spend all of this year driving with him and this cost me one hour every day ( mme i will have to speak to the boss about that )… any way i have to meet him at the office… and then we make ham and eggs washed down with glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee and a fresh bread roll , and he loves his cigarettes ( another thread maybe ? ) then i have to get fresh bread and drive that to my wife for my twin boys… so get up at 6 am and try to start around 7.45 am… i guess in the future i will have to start getting up at 5.30… because ime the only one ( apart from one other ) who can clean conservatories good and proper. w e have a lot of these and … and you really need to attack these at 7-7.30 am if possible because the temperatures inside these can get around 50-55 ° ( heat rises ya know ) and can be pretty unbearable. with salty sweat running in your eyes… and i always moan like a mad men when the office gives me them at midday and when the sun is beating down and its 30 + °C… if i dont start early i will only have to end up going home late especially with the work load i have … and ime talking 7.00 - 8-00 pm here quite often… but if i can hit that first cuzzie early it makes the world of diff. because my day gets off with a bang and everything goes a lot easier but if start late its just really hectic time

i mean starting early is a must if you can in this job especially in summer .

i like to be working by 9.05 a.m. we are usually deadbeat by 4p.m.

Wow, what an awesome thread from years ago!

The guys get here to the office at 7am. Their itinerary is already printed for the day and after checking out their equipment for the day they are usually out the door at 705 and at their first job by 730. This thread is making me think we should try to get an earlier appointment for 630am if we can – getting an hour jump on the day would be awesome, especially with the heat on its way!!

Hmmmm :slight_smile:

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Maybe sunlight is a factor in other areas, but with a hair over 6 invoicable hours in an 8 hour day, I couldn’t imagine starting any later than 8. I sure like the 730 start time even better, but so many already wince at 8. I just tell them we’ll start outside, you still get your coffee time before we’re ready for the inside. Seems to work 99% of the time.

When I was sole proprietor in Pa I usually started as early as possible because I had to work a second job at 4pm. I would usually wrap it up around 3pm given me enough time to travel home and get ready for my other job.
On Saturday I would try working a long 12-14 hour day because I was usually by myself and would schedule big jobs(3 story, lots of windows).

I rarely ever worked sundays so I could rest a bit. I always scheduled an hour at 6pm to make phone calls and check emails. I loved doing it this way. On Saturday’s I would usually get back to them during the day or meeting them in person on Monday. I preferred doing estimates over the phone so I could cram as much work as I possibly could handle and save on gas:)

I used to always say things like early bird gets the worm or nothing like making a quick $100 while everyone is in REM( rapid eye movement)! I’m sure I had a mild addiction to coffee but hey it worked:)

Here in Vegas I work for my sister and my brother in law. We start around 8 am. We wrap it up around 5 pm.

We start are route work at 4AM or 5am and usually start are houses as early as 8am

I’m w/ you. Burning daylight man and I have way to many windows to clean.

Ever had employees, Art?