What to do about a customer

It’s not worth the time or distress in most cases. I’ve done this for seventeen years and can count on one hand the number of times that has happened. That said, I highly recommend reading “getting to yes” by William yury and Bruce Paton. It teaches negotiating, even with crooks. It is definitely worth your time, maybe more so that this lady.

That would be true on a small job. In my case it was over $600. Not willing to walk away from that. I did collect.

Yes, and the fact that he just up and left and totally disregarded you would also have made me mad! I would have hunted him down almost just for that, and $600 is too much to leave on the table. I think most of us would have gone after that one!

Whether it’s purposefully stalling/ignoring you, or doing so unknowingly/ignorantly, it equates to the same thing in my mind: Disrespectful.
Disrespectful to you, your business and your time.
So easy for folks to be self absorbed, feeling their time is more valuable and they’ll get to you when they get to you.
That’s just bad business in my opinion and a sure fire way to get red listed.
(Obviously if this gal had an unavoidable family emergency, husband passed, hospital etc, that’s a different story. However even then, a brief text/email explaining her delay would be the appropriate procedure.)

Similar situation/attitude we’ve run in to recently; for us it’s generally our business route we find the trouble clients, (no, I’m not lighting the net 30 fuse, I’m talking 2+ months.)
Frankly it isn’t really even the time to payment that rubs me the wrong way, it’s the superior attitude some owners have, as if their business is where the world begins and ends. The reality is some of these businesses would be doing good to make what a motivated window cleaner does in a day. And yet, some choose to sit in their tower looking down on others as if it’s a privilege for you to service their windows.
Again, when you offer quality service, reasonable rates and a level of professionalism few others in your area do, that don’t fly for long. Sometimes a customer can literally be more trouble than they’re worth. Get paid by all means necessary and cut em loose.

How much was the bill?

Under normal circumstances, I would chaulk this up to experience and move on. Now, if the dollar amount is significant, you have several options: 1. Know any lawyers? Kindly ask them to forward a “hello” letter on their company letterhead. 2. File a small claims case. Very simple to do and once the customer realizes they’ll be compelled to show up in court they’ll realize how serious you are about this and usually settle.

Good luck.


As much as it may bug you, I’d write it off as a loss. I’ve been there.

If you really want to get that money, wait til the fall and file a small claims suit, that way the case will be scheduled when you’re in the slow season anyway.

Update…I guess she told her son about what happen and he call me apologizing about everything. So in the end I was paid but believe me I put her on the block all phone call and text messages never again. Thank you all for the advice

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