What to do about white milky bleed down?

We are using WFP to clean the windows on a newly constructed commercial building. They have had a construction cleanup. The frames are aluminum. As soon as you leave the window it dries with white spots, and long water streaks.
We tried using a strip washer/squeegee on a ground floor window then sprayed pure water on the glass and it beads up the same and leaves white spots/runs. We checked the quality of our water and it is at zero.
Anyone run into this before? What can we do about it?

I think the spots will go away once it has dried. Check it again tomorrow.

Not usually - well not on Yurupean winda’s anyhow.

The run down is soap residuals from the frame that was left by the CCU.

If you go back and clean all but the top 1 inch or so of the window (avoiding the top frame) you will be able to clean off all the run off and not create any more as a result.