What to use in water when cleaning tinted windows?

I have a customer who has one particular window that is tinted and I can never get it cleaned good. They are smokers and it is a second story interior window so I bring a ladder in to reach it. Every time I clean it I come down the ladder and look up and notice all kinds of smearing. So up and down the ladder I go like 5 times every time we clean it and it never looks that good. It is a pain. I use gg4 in my water, but I was wondering if it is the soap or if it is just the way the squeegee glides over it. Because the texture of the tint almost feels rubbery so I don’t know if it is the soap or if it is just because it is almost like rubber on rubber when you use a squeegee. Any suggestions?

Most likely the low e side was installed incorrectly and is on the interior surface
Or it could just be the build up of smoke, which I would normally remove with ammonia, but you should not use ammonia if the interior pane is tinted,

Is the glass tinted or is their a window film installed…

GG3 for tint

So you can search for MUCH more info on the WCR search, but…

Simple green works wonders- Dwell time is key. If it’s just in the situation you had for an example, I would just stay on the ladder and let it sit.

Sprayway /Zep spray cleaner- Douse it, leave no corner untouched as a pre-soak, then clean.

Combo GG4/gg3 with it. I also use some dawn/e-cover, whatever helps glide for you.

Bottom line- We clean cigar shops with film and they are popular(lots of smoke). Simple green is my go to, it’s the quickest and can just be added in the solution, it’s common at home cheapo, Ace Hardware, and many others.

Important with film: Scrub! You can’t take an abrasive to it, so elbow grease and a mild, but effective detergent get’s it off.
Also, Film cleaning is super important! You can’t let stuff build up like regular glass, Unless you just want to remove the film eventually.
I swear, everyone that sells film should be an experienced window cleaner. It’s just a mess, otherwise.

A window film installed